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  by boling 2012-08-17 for Article: Spandex Sheer Stockings w/ Fringe Backseam
what is the last sentence? 

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  by MBaltazar 2012-08-07 for Article: Lenovo Idea Centre A720 25642FU
Content is all over the place. It needs to be more structured. 

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  by allenperumal 2012-08-04 for Article: Reputation Management Companies
great job 

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  by ilainie 2012-04-20 for Article: 8 Traditional Dishes of Peru
Great research, I really appreciate it, but the English is not fluid. Too many gramatical mistakes and I don't have time to edit. Sorry. 

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  by steuss 2012-04-20 for Article: Swimming Lesson Instruction
A few spelling errors and strange wording. Article was also confusing. I like the idea and the activity, but wasn't described clearly. 
Responded with comment: Ok. Thanks for nothing. 

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  by LordScotty 2012-04-18 for Article: Kettlebell training
A good article. Light hearted and fun. Some grammar mistakes but this was carried of with the personality  

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  by ewoauseo 2012-04-17 for Article: Six Tips To Buy Your First Laptop

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  by mingya 2012-04-17 for Article: Power yoga also known as vinyasa yoga
too basic wording and as i specific for 100 words in description 

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  by Helena 2012-04-11 for Article: Dinnerware Casual

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  by josip 2012-04-11 for Article: Travel Insurance
sorry not quite what i'm looking for, thanks for the effort 

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  by celiaj 2012-04-10

Rated with 
  by clickforseo 2012-04-04
Some grammar issues but mostly fine as the research was done very well. 


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