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  by dudebucks 2012-05-19 for Article: Niagra Herbal Erection Pills: The Erectile Dysfunction Remedy
perfect thanks 

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  by kalillen 2012-05-19 for Article: Korean Drama: The Shooting Popularity
Great article. 100% unique but have some minor grammars. ie. difference between "their" and "there" 

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  by NetServicesInc 2012-05-18 for Article: Meal Plans for the HCG Diet and HCG Diet Information
We had to have a native english writer (as stated in the instructions.) Your english is good, but we would have to go through and edit, and we would prefer to pay for a finished article. 

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  by dcc24496 2012-05-17 for Article: Weight Loss with Sytropin HGH: How HGH can Trim the Extra Pounds

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  by dcc24496 2012-05-17 for Article: Reduction in Wrinkles with Human Growth Hormone: New Generation Skin Care
the HGH is almost not mentioned, what is required is more detailed incidence of this hormone on the reduction of wrinkles 

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  by ezinedata05 2012-05-17 for Article: The Perfect Holiday: Pulau Langkawi Experience
hard to understand 

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  by ueducate 2012-05-16 for Article: Patient Rights to Remember- The CNAs Guide

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  by the17daydiets 2012-05-15 for Article: The 17 Day Diet- Losing and Maintaining Weight
sorry my plan is to put a unique and quality article for my new site. for seo purposes i think this article is not good enough. 

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  by payton 2012-05-09 for Article: The Attractions of Tahiti: The Ultimate Tourist Magnet
Not bad 

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  by payton 2012-05-08 for Article: The Sweet Escape to Phuket: The Attractions, Nightlife, Shopping and more

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  by lbremner01 2012-05-07
Well researched content 

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  by acidophulus 2012-05-05
good info. followed instructions.  

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  by jimmybme 2012-05-04
great job! 

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  by Lukevoigt910 2012-04-02
Good, thanks! 


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