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I am Donna-Michelle, a 35 yr old mother to three children, and as well as working part time at a local Primary School, I am a part time Photographer.
I have always been interested in writing, and since childhood have built up an Anthology of Poetry, as well as being keen on writing to local Media regarding Local Politics, or Health Care issues.
I have also for the last five years owned a Town Community Forum, which was widely used by the Police, Local MPs, and various other people in between. I am no longer very active on this Forum, but it still runs today.
I do over see a Child Friendly support Forum for children with Diabetes, which we formed when my daughter was diagnosed aged 9 years old and also now run two support groups on a Social networking site which is followed by 479 people.
I love building up a rapport with people on my online sites, and get along with all genres of people from all walks of life.
I have the necessary writing skills needed for promotion and advertising.
I can quickly research a product and build up a summary of its design and use, and can appeal to a wide audience.
I can write directly, informatively and in a clear concise way, also remaining unbiased.
I am down to earth, humorous and can use my own initiative to offer you a great service I believe.
Kind regards

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  by rafamous 2012-04-24 for Article: We had fun on Easter Morning

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  by skirklin 2012-04-24 for Article: Job for work at home Mom

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  by leeroy1981 2012-04-24 for Article:

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  by maclover 2012-04-22 for Article: Black German Shepherd Dogs/Puppies
nice job 

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  by iamawriter0827 2012-04-22 for Article: Drinking Water
the article is good but it lacks some factors I've mentioned.  

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  by grubner1 2012-04-20 for Article: Back Pain, causes and treatments

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  by d60eba 2012-04-19 for Article: You Tube
Good job! 

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  by d60eba 2012-04-19 for Article: American Idol
Some grammatical mistakes (mainly capital letters after commas) but a good job nonetheless. 

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  by Proson 2012-04-19 for Article: Top tips on how to attract women!

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  by topseolab 2012-04-16 for Article: Paris Hilton Shoes
Sorry, I don't need spun/ stolen content. Thanks 
Responded with comment: I would consider you to be a liar. I have not copied this article at all, and looking at your feedback I would say you are indeed trying it on. Big fail to you. 

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  by yrtan86 2012-04-14
Need improve on sentence structure. Sorry. 

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  by Fueldump 2012-04-14
Fantastic writing, would recommend this writer ! 

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  by Seosally 2012-04-13
Great Work 

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  by grubner1 2012-04-12
Thanks a lot! Great article :) 

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  by Julieann1 2012-04-08

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  by munchie 2012-04-06
Great Piece love it just what i wanted thank you  

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  by Julieann1 2012-04-06

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  by leeroy1981 2012-04-04

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  by Seosally 2012-04-04
Super WOrk 


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