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Rated with 
  by pmutrie 2012-08-02 for Article: Police Games

Rated with 
  by pmutrie 2012-08-02 for Article: Hello Kitty Games

Rated with 
  by tusshar 2012-07-23 for Article: Cheap MP3 Players

Rated with 
  by sjmcqueen 2012-06-01 for Article: Low Cost Business Ideas
There are too many mistakes for me to approve this article. The article is fine but a proofread would have caught most of these mistakes. 

Rated with 
  by philiphdean 2012-05-18 for Article: Online Shopping Statistics
Very badly written. I don't think English is this writers first language. It does not meet the instructions at all.  

Rated with 
  by Xeniathar 2012-04-14 for Article: Audio Technica ath-m50 review

Rated with 
  by bigkongz 2012-04-13 for Article: Bicycle

Rated with 
  by buyfiver 2012-04-12 for Article: Mobile Money Machines Review

Rated with 
  by Xeniathar 2012-04-12 for Article: Audio Technica ath-m50 review
The article doesn't read properly. Some basic grammatical mistakes.  

Rated with 
  by Toplinker 2012-04-10 for Article: Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden Review
Not really keen using a made up story. I require real hard facts from customer reviews. 
Responded with comment: Sorry to say but if you are looking for those really have experience it, you should email the clients, as most people here don't experience it. Well, you may get one or two really tried it before here. Good luck. 

Rated with 
  by ryosuke 2012-04-10
It does not read well. Some sentences do not read properly and too general. Basic grammatical error also found ("it make", "it do not", "your child try") 
Responded with comment: Hi, thank you for pointing out my mistake, will be more careful next time. 

Rated with 
  by abhimanyusab 2012-04-10

Rated with 
  by todsapron 2012-04-10

Rated with 
  by sit2006 2012-04-09
I like it. 

Rated with 
  by superguy 2012-04-08
Command of English is out, can't accept the article. Sorry 
Responded with comment: Thank you for spotting my mistake. Will take note in the future. 

Rated with 
  by clickforseo 2012-04-05
Research is great but writer needs to do grammar checks. 

Rated with 
  by nvickery 2012-04-05
Responded with comment: May I know why is it rejected so I can improve it the next time round. Thank you. 


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