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  by lmsilver 2014-03-27
Article made sense and was well written. Good style of writing. 

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  by 100kteam 2014-03-26
Not a bad article. Flows nice. 

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  by seoblog 2014-03-26
EXCELLENT Job well done! 

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  by bjmgaustin 2014-03-24
Not bad, but not what we are looking for.  

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  by jalea13 2014-03-24
wonderful writing, he/she understood exactly what I needed and took it a step further 

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  by mitstacia 2014-03-24
great job i needed a piece like this 

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  by JayCarter 2014-03-24
not the style I need 

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  by sheilaaa 2014-03-22
I am sorry, this seems pretty good, however, it looks familiar to me and I would feel uncomfortable using it. 

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  by josipiv 2014-03-20
sorry but not what I was looking for. The article is good, but not really a good guide for a family looking for a budget trip to croatia. Thanks for the effort 

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  by substar 2014-03-20

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  by nkane-janek 2014-03-18
Well written article. Was able to provide relevant content and write about the topic requested. Thank you.  

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  by josipiv 2014-03-18
article is good, but not what I was looking for. Keep the article, Im sure you will use it another time. Thanks for the effort  

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  by rohimanet 2014-03-17
a pretty good article, thanks 

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  by thesocialgrocer 2014-03-14
Not to my satisfaction 

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  by vbaxter 2014-03-14
Thanks Chris! This is perfect. I am sure my clients are going to love this as I do! Great work! 

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  by josipiv 2014-03-13

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  by alexseo 2014-03-12
Not quite what I wanted. It's a bit boring and there's nothing I've never read before. Thanks for giving it a go. 

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