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I have been writing web content for over 10 years on a professional level. My schedule is 6:00am - 7:00pm, EST. Exceptions will be made for all special requests. I check my personal email, and the iWriter site, on a regular basis.

Special requests are completed in the order in which they are recieved, regardless of the pay rate. I will notify each requester in regards to turn around time. In most cases projects will be completed within 24 hours.

I am sorry, but I will not accept special orders from requesters who are offering the standard rate. We all need to make a living.

I encourage opening a dialogue about articles that are in progress, when needed. If I contact a client with questions, it is always for a good reason. If I do not receive a response, I will terminate the order if important issues have not be dealt with.

I am able to write about most subjects, and in any tone that might be applicable.

Thank you for considering me for your writing projects.


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  by redesign 4d 1h 33m ago for Article: Finding The Right Contractor For Home Additions In Camden County

Rated with 
  by writersblock 4d 9h 47m ago for Article: Proper Disposal of Remodeling Waste.

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  by Greekv 2014-04-08 for Article: Instant Access To Professional Writers And Translators
Very good work... Thanks... 

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  by Greekv 2014-04-07 for Article: Build Your Business With The Best Freelance Help Available
Good work.... 

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  by Greekv 2014-04-07 for Article: Find Or Create The Perfect Gift
Very good work... thanks... 

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  by barrymag 2014-03-30 for Article: My Reason For Investing In A Cleaning Company
Great stuff! 

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  by cavemedia 2014-03-28 for Article: OLCDIST.com/Delta Heat Grills
Lovely as usual. 

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  by cavemedia 2014-03-28 for Article: OLCDIST.com/Vintage BBQ grills
Very nice! Thank you. 

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  by cavemedia 2014-03-28 for Article: OLCDIST.com/PGS grill
Very pleased. Great job. 

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  by thesocialgrocer 2014-03-27 for Article: Marketing To The LGBT Community
Very well written. Best writer I've found on iWriter! 

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  by barubara 2014-03-26
Not a top quality article.  

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  by PeteDrakePersonal 2014-03-26
I didn't like the way the keywords were placed or how it read. Thank You. 

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  by radumax 2014-03-18
Excellent!!! Thank you! 

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  by Nik_Collins 2014-03-18

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  by thesocialgrocer 2014-03-17
Excellent article! Well written and well thought out. I absolutely look forward to working together on future projects. Thank you! 

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  by TSLudwig 2014-03-15
Fantastic Eric.. Great article thank you.. Have a good weekend...


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  by TSLudwig 2014-03-12
Fantastic Article 5 Star's.... 

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  by iwritersteve 2014-03-11

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  by paulkevmcr 2014-03-08
Sorry but article feels very generic rather than being about the value of the plugin 

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  by iwritersteve 2014-03-07

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  by maxmiller 2014-03-03

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  by TSLudwig 2014-03-03
Thank you.. great article as always..  

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  by iwritersteve 2014-03-02

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  by TSLudwig 2014-03-01
Fantastic article.. Five stars.... 

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  by sbreault 2014-02-25
very good 

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