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Hi. Im Myara - and I write well! Having graduated with a degree in Arts and Journalism and with nearly three years of copywriting experience, I have sufficient reason (and references) to claim to be THE BEST CHOICE for ALL your content writing needs.

With me at the helm, you can be sure of:

- Well-researched and informative content (with minimal fluff)
- NO spelling and grammar issues (goes without saying)
- Original content extremely relevant to your needs (Copyscape verified, of course)
- SEO approved and Google Panda compliant content (maximum Keyword Density must not exceed 2%)
- Seventh-grade comprehensibility (lacking the gobbledygook people are used to, on the Net)

What I look to charge:

This one is negotiable (and iWriter feels I must be put to test before upgrading me to the Elite level)! Wow you have me at your beck and call for cheap (almost peanuts) prices! And whats more, Ill actually be writing GREAT stuff for you at that price.

Why not request test samples for the time I remain at the Standard Level?

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I appreciate feedback (and request constructive feedback from ALL of you out there). However, lets aim to stay professional and not mud-sling each other. Hey, after all were here to form a productive rapport, aint we?

Last word, I would love to write-well for ALL of you. I look forward to testing new waters here. Hope you all have a great time! Cya!


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