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  by secretzzz 2012-04-26 for Article: 3 Tips For Choosing Stainless Steel Cookware Sets
grammar mistake 

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  by pogospring 2012-04-25 for Article: Benefits Of Using Olay Coupons

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  by nichepros 2012-04-25 for Article: Paintball Tanks Used in Paintball Sport
Thanks for your article!
2 things
- the blog is about Paintball, so the readers already are into it
(not needing a general sports description)
- the paintball tank would be the gas tank, not a vehicle :)
Responded with comment: thanks 

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  by cjernigan 2012-04-24 for Article: Car storage
This writer fails to follow even the most simply directions. 

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  by secretzzz 2012-04-19 for Article: Why you Need A Slow Cooker

Rated with 
  by alexlee15 2012-04-19 for Article: Funding Business

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  by alexrjr 2012-04-19 for Article: Harmful Bacteria in Water
Article has many misspellings. It has potential but needs to be reviewed 

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  by KristinZC 2012-04-18 for Article:
Not the best grammar, but good enough 


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