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Hi. My name is Kathy and I am from Southwestern Michigan near the Indiana Border. I have an awesome husband, kids, and step kids. Oh, and we have a cat that thinks he is a dog. I love to motorcycle ride and my husband and I travel on them. A few other things I enjoy are hiking, woodworking, camping, and crafts of all kinds. I love kids and I work as a substitute Para-Professional. My past daycare business lasted for 20 years so I have a lot of experience with kids and related issues. Horses were always the love of my life and I had a 4-H program, a high school equestrian team that I started and organized, I trained horses, showed, and gave students lessons. I could say that was one of the most interesting times of my life. I am looking forward to writing on this site and thank you for this opportunity to serve you!

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  by Darrin 2012-09-14 for Article: The Various Kinds Of Bike Inner Tubes
Thanks for a nicely written article. 

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  by lynnwrites 2012-09-11 for Article: The Beauty Within
Good job, thanks! 

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  by Wieli10 2012-09-11 for Article: The Breville BBL420XL Mini Blender
it was too much a selling article. 

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  by malusigp 2012-09-11 for Article: You Can Go From Old To Young With Fashion
good thanks 

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  by davidjgm 2012-09-11 for Article: Aircraft Warning Light
Great article on a difficult subject - superb research 

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  by ss-staffing 2012-09-06 for Article: Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven Convection Toaster Oven

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  by ss-staffing 2012-09-06 for Article: Cuisinart CBT-1000 PowerEdge Blender
Timely and well done. Thank you! 

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  by lynnwrites 2012-09-06 for Article: Top 5 Ways How To Tweet On Twitter For Marketing Success
Good job, just a couple sentences that really said the same thing, the flow was good and information informative. Thanks for the good work! 

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  by lynnwrites 2012-09-02 for Article: Is Network Marketing For You
Awesome! thank you Kathy for the extra effort. Good work. 

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  by lynnwrites 2012-09-01 for Article: Is Network Marketing For You
Kathy to look at paragraph 1 and the last paragraph for verbiage correction. Thank you very much! 

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  by lynnwrites 2012-08-31
Great job, thanks! 

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  by andrewpg 2012-08-26
Great article, would have given 5 stars if project instruction is followed 100% by using keyword at last paragraph. 

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  by incognito19 2012-08-23
Very good article with lots of information. No grammar errors and easy to understand. Very generous with the word count also. A++ 

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  by mackenzie108 2012-08-22
Thank you 

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  by bigdaddy 2012-08-22

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  by lynnwrites 2012-08-21
Awesome work! Used keywords well and followed my instructions on the other keyword. Great job. Thank you. 

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  by wayneroyal 2012-08-17
Good job. Spoken in easy to understand language. 

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  by gcdskl 2012-08-16
The correct proper process of the application to achieve the smokey eye look was incorrect and thus rejected by our client. Would you want to try again? There seems to be a proper method and sequential order to achieve a smokey look. 

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  by vostrader 2012-08-16

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  by webovative 2012-08-15
Great writing style and well researched article 

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  by msfc2001 2012-08-14
Good Job ! Thanks. 

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  by EddyG67 2012-08-14

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  by lynnwrites 2012-08-13
Thanks, good write, flows well, good job. 

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  by meinenjosh 2012-08-13
A+ article 

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  by shaneseo 2012-08-13
Good job 

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