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I am skilled in writing and passionate about it. I have always cherished this God given gift by putting it at work until now when it has "turned from a boy into a man."

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  by Kelowna 2012-06-19
unsecured dept consolidation loans? what is that??? 
Responded with comment: Racist .On looks at where you are from. 

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  by nvickery 2012-06-19

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  by steve.stretton 2012-06-18

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  by nvickery 2012-06-15

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  by nvickery 2012-06-14
Very poor spelling and grammar. 
Responded with comment: bad requester 

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  by sotiro123 2012-06-12
Not good enough 
Responded with comment: this person doesn`t know what they want in an article 

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  by Joe268 2012-06-10

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  by nvickery 2012-06-07

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  by websiteguy 2012-05-17

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  by anupsarda 2012-04-26
well tried. needs lot of improvement 

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