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  by Totalgamers 2012-05-09 for Article: SONY PLAYSTATION 2
This writer is way off the mark he wrote an article explaining how to chip a ps2 which I am sure is illegal. Not what I want  

Rated with 
  by BossTactical 2012-05-08 for Article: CYMA AK-47 AIRSOFT GUN
I'm sorry but English obviously isn't your first language and this article is hardly readable. 

Rated with 
  by activision 2012-05-07 for Article: STUDY FRENCH ONLINE.
you need work hard 

Rated with 
  by shineybubbles 2012-05-04 for Article: GRAPHICS TABLETS
too hard to follow. 

Rated with 
  by shineybubbles 2012-05-04 for Article: SSD/ELECTRONIC DISKS
to hard to follow 

Rated with 
  by DieselViper 2012-05-02 for Article: same cast better excitement
Poor Layout and BAD Grammar 

Rated with 
  by triforcelink 2012-05-02 for Article: ALL I WANT IS TO BE A GAME DEVELOPER
Article was hard to read and offered very little useful information. Too much awkward phrasing and run-on sentences.  


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