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  by Tobi1994 2013-04-26 for Article: Forex Trading: Go Pro or Go Home
I appreciate your effort but this article simply doesn't meet my requirements. At certain passages it doesn't read well and I can't publish this article on my blog. However thanks for trying. 

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  by allmang 2012-07-09 for Article: Comparing Workouts: Insanity vs P90x

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  by rjunior 2012-07-03 for Article: 2012 Mortgage Changes

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  by aaron.simmons 2012-06-07 for Article: The Bounty Hunter
Not what im looking for 
Responded with comment: Aaron comes across as a scam artist. He posts requests for multiple articles, waits until the last minute, rejects them, and give vague reasoning for doing so. Very unprofessional. 

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  by Bearuk26 2012-06-06 for Article: Why Switch to Kettlebells
Hi this is great but we are trying to get people to buy the product so need a little less negativity in the article. If you can redo and take out the more negative part and add maybe an exercise or two  
Responded with comment: To say the article is great but just add a few things, and then leave a 1 star rating shows me you are either simply finding ways to abuse the system in place at iWriter, or are unprofessional. I am dissapointed in you. 

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  by PenTao 2012-06-05 for Article: A Review of the Dahon Speed P8 Folding Bike
Excellent job! This writer followed instructions well, and supplied exactly what I was looking for. 

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  by jesus_story 2012-06-04 for Article: Selecting the Best Golf Rangefinder
Good work. Three things were missing: resolution of measurement, handling of slops (elevation) and GPS. 

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  by fschenker 2012-06-03 for Article: Change Management Defined
Very nice! Thank you! 

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  by jonathan 2012-06-03 for Article: Trimming the Competition: A Review of the Hitachi CG22EASSLP Trimmers

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  by OlympiaWeb 2012-06-02 for Article:
Good job, thanks 

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  by althorn 2012-05-31

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  by steve.stretton 2012-05-31
Responded with comment: Requestor responded with a childish attitude, gave a link which was followed but rather than plagiarize the article as it appears he is requesting, I wrote an informative piece. Will never work with him again. 

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  by steuss 2012-05-31
excellent. Followed instructions, well written. 

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  by kocasio 2012-05-29
Nicely written article, thank you :-) 

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  by paultim71 2012-05-26


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