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  by Person2PersonEngagement 2014-02-16 for Article: Content Marketing - SEO Done Right?
That is very high quality Content! Thank you very much! 

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  by ebusinessfirms 2013-11-17 for Article: Rod Watson Real Estate Leverages Online Presence For Increased Sales Success
good job 

Rated with 
  by photoart 2013-11-06 for Article: Launch Day Lighting Setups - Olympus EM-1 Premiere at Castle Leslie in Ireland
Really, really excellent. The article is straight to the point and extremely well written. Thanks a lot! 

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  by paulkevmcr 2013-11-06 for Article: How To Tweet And Retweet On Twitter
Thank you 

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  by belle_isuccesshub 2013-11-05 for Article: 10 Lessons Businesses Can Learn from Healing Touch's Social Media Engagement
Great work. Thank you so much for going beyond the character count I requested :D 

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  by alperguler 2013-11-05 for Article: How Functional Furniture Saves You Space (And Gives Other Cool Benefits)
Great article, thank you! 

Rated with 
  by tonken 2013-11-04 for Article: Mobile Photography - Composing Great Pictures

Rated with 
  by shareef790 2013-11-03 for Article: Aliz's Psychics - About Us
Excellent Job! Thx 

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  by l315miami 2013-07-09 for Article:

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  by perseous 2013-07-07 for Article:
completely missing the instructions. Article should have 2 main parts but the main of this article is negative effects (shouldn't have) with unusual words when style pointed to be friendly tones. 

Rated with 
  by prasanthmj 2013-07-06

Rated with 
  by geisheker 2013-06-27
Good article. Nice job. 

Rated with 
  by geisheker 2013-06-26
Very nice job on this article. It was exactly what I was looking for. 

Rated with 
  by llnajera 2013-06-26

Rated with 
  by Writemesomething 2012-11-24
Sorry, this article is not quite what I was looking for.
Most of the keywords I requested was only in the article once or twice.
Also the way you use "--" as grammar looks really strange, also overused the word "game" WAY too much. 

Rated with 
  by E.azerad 2012-11-11
not what we requested. Should focus on how the development of armor in the late 13th-15th C affected the change of blade geometry / typology in the sword of the same period; and how this change further influenced the designs of armors.  

Rated with 
  by Djrm125 2012-11-11

Rated with 
  by brianhorn 2012-11-09

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  by giankar 2012-11-07
Very good outcome! Added on my Favorite writers list! 

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  by nbuege 2012-10-03
Well written article that met the criteria outlined in my request. Great job done very quickly. Thanks 

Rated with 
  by cosmic 2012-09-10

Rated with 
  by mixblog 2012-09-10

Rated with 
  by stevenraj 2012-09-07
sorry I can't accept it!..its very poor! 

Rated with 
  by kjbowen 2012-09-07
Good article, but I need more emphasize on the train sets and a more condensed version of the founding father's history. 

Rated with 
  by raymondphilippe 2012-09-05

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