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  by amflores 2012-06-11 for Article: Target Marketing an Essential Strategy for a Business Success
wrote on the wrong subject. Supposed to write on "target" the store 

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  by limbovision 2012-06-11 for Article: Tips to Assist Beginners Make an Excellent Decision on Apartment Market Research

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  by Benjicreative 2012-06-11 for Article: Proceed With Your Career with the Assistance from Nurse Practitioner Scholarships
tried but i need more 

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  by humblepro 2012-06-11 for Article: The Need For Life Insurance Company Rating
Lots of grammatical errors. Please check your work before submitting. 
Responded with comment: okey 

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  by CovonG 2012-06-11 for Article: Amway Business Model Gives the Way for the Whole Industry
thank you for a great article. 

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  by doru22 2012-06-10 for Article: The Top Most Florence Attractions in Italy
Sorry not what I asked for 

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  by iwdurham 2012-06-09 for Article: Seven Tips for Acquiring the Best Airline Deals
This writer's research is good. Writing skill in putting that research into written form shows great potential. 

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  by antonywriter 2012-06-09 for Article: The Best Foods to Consume on HCG Phase
not what is wanted 

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  by iwdurham 2012-06-08 for Article: Find out How You can get the Best Airfares in the Market
Substance is very shallow, leading to repetition. Grammatically, the article does not pass muster for submission to any major article directory. It appears that English is a secondary language. Hence, some of the expressions are awkward. 
Responded with comment: the 

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  by nvision 2012-06-08 for Article: What an Internet Marketing Service Can Do to Your Website

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  by theguruland 2012-06-07

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  by samison 2012-06-07
Thank you, this was good. I will need to rewrite a bit but that's okay. If you want to apply for another think about this structure.
Breed General Description
Breed Character
Breed Care (special grooming or feeding advice
Breed Suitability

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  by sfmsfm 2012-06-07
I have to rewrite a lot of this because the english doesn't flow and there are lots of grammar mistakes through out but at least I have the main content to work with. only just made the word count lol by the time I remove redundent words it won't lol 

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  by smartweb 2012-06-06

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  by bladski 2012-06-06

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  by mayateam 2012-06-06
Article should't be all about photographer, I sad Need article about what do you need to know to plan perfect wedding. Give some useful tips. So write about everything what you need to plan perfect wedding, and just in one or sentences mention photo 
Responded with comment: ok 

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  by bladski 2012-06-05

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  by psixanwmalos 2012-06-05
This is my first time of buying an article. I will approve your article and I will give you 5 stars :)

I will check out the rest of details (keyword gravity, links and stuff) when I will be able to download and I will hire you again :)

Great ar 

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  by devcfc 2012-06-05

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  by web-seo 2012-05-18
this is not guide what is sem 

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  by efini84 2012-05-17

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  by limbovision 2012-05-17

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  by tuckery 2012-05-17
Thanks for your article, but your writing style is not the style of my site. 
Responded with comment: thanks 

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  by websiteguy 2012-05-17
This is way overstuffed with keywords. I need something that people will read and like reading about samples. 
Responded with comment: okey 

Rated with 
  by tuckery 2012-05-16
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