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  by simonwade 2011-10-06 for Article: Marketing Techniques
well done, very good job 

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  by simonwade 2011-10-05 for Article: Local Advertising ideas
poor use of my keyword phrase, but otherwise satisfactory, i will have to spend some time editing this myself 

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  by simonwade 2011-10-05 for Article: Viral Marketing Definition
only barely satisfactory as you have not used my keyword phrase at all in the article body, otherwise its ok, some sentences are a bit stiff suggesting your first language is not english 

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  by roma64 2011-10-05 for Article: SEO Services
if the 'SEO Finds websites that feature precise key phrases.' sentence makes sense to you, then I would accept this article but unfortunately, it does not and the article is about general SEO and not mentioning SEO Services I offer in Reading PA. 

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  by mike805 2011-10-04 for Article: What are psychics
The article is to negative and debunks psychics rather then stating how they use their tools and mediums to help everyday people and more.  

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  by Toplinker 2011-10-03 for Article: Link Wheels advantages and disadvantages
Well researched great content 

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  by sambigger 2011-09-30 for Article: Online auctions
Thank you. 

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  by swillson 2011-09-27 for Article: Leather Compendiums

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  by mabystar 2011-09-27 for Article: Reasons for online Back up.
not great english but not bad Im going to accept it .. 

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  by dazcan 2011-09-07 for Article: Alcohol breath tester Walgreens
The writer has written not a bad article, but has failed to used the exact keyword phrase in the special notes to this project.

If the writer can work the keyword phrase "alcohol breath tester Walgreens" into the article at the start and the fins 

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  by davgree 2011-09-06


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