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Philip Kyalo
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I am a 26 year old university student studying literature and I have writing professionally for the last seven years. Feel free to contact me for direct assignments or with any questions about anything that I have written for you. If you need any edits or changes, just let me know - I will make them and re-send the article to you.

if you receive something from me that is not satisfactory, CONTACT ME, give me direction, and let me fix it before giving me a low rating. I'm very proud of my writer rating, and I will put in the required effort to keep it.

Am extremely very fast in typing and quality content is what i submit to the clients.

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  by zkyclear 2012-06-14
No title provided 

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  by heasymo 2012-06-13
Too many mistakes, sorry 

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  by stratocentric 2012-06-09

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  by MishaA 2012-06-08
Thank you 

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  by iqinteractive 2012-05-28
Good keyword rich article 

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  by DieselViper 2012-05-27
Incorrect keyword!! 

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  by beatit 2012-05-26

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  by leeroy1981 2012-05-26

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  by mart134 2012-05-25
Great article, thanks 

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  by ubet168 2012-05-25

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  by DieselViper 2012-05-24
Not correct keyword 

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  by mauriceguy 2012-05-24
Aside from minor grammatical lapses, I think the article's great!Thanks! 

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  by dcc24496 2012-05-23

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  by tuckery 2012-05-22
The keyword of the article is Fathers Day Jokes...but you sent me the BD party prep?! 

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  by fairgo11 2012-05-19
Good Job! followed instructions. 

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  by geekcoolinc 2012-05-19

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