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I am a Biotechnologist with a wide knowledge in research and writing not only in scientific field but in every field as the entire information is in the internet. I have been writing scholarly and public informative articles that have received significant attention due to the thorough and deep research that i put into it as it is my passion.
I only take a topic that i will comfortably deliver on and thus give my customers the best they expect. Am always ready to revise any paper that a customers sees the need to and i welcome direct request for projects since am at the computer most of my time and the few hours am not i always keep my client informed.

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  by ownergolan 2012-07-09 for Article: Are they mould exposure symptoms?
this is not what i expected 

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  by blondy52 2012-01-05 for Article: Thyroid and Hair Loss
This is a good article 

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  by anzori1979 2011-10-24 for Article: How to Increase Penis Size
Sorry. It is not good article. Thanks 
Responded with comment: never wast your precious time with such a requester who reject articles for no clear reason. the number is evident.  

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  by elanzen 2011-10-19 for Article: Hives Causes
I am not satisfied with this article.  

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  by kbaxter 2011-10-09 for Article: E-Cigarette Reviews
Poorly written, but conveyed the message well enough. 

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  by onlinepubSEO 2011-10-08 for Article: Breast Cancer Treatment
Good article, thank you 

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  by Paul Giblin 2011-10-08 for Article: Drug Quit
A good article for an unusual keyword.  

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  by camoklan 2011-10-05 for Article: How to End Premature Ejaculation
i like it 

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  by rodelu 2011-10-04 for Article: Toenail Fungus Treatments
thank you 

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  by dslee1 2011-10-02 for Article: Essence Of Argan Review
Well written, and some good research. 

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  by tgdpxh1 2011-10-01
The keyphrase indicates "exercises". This article talks more about diet and foods instead of exercises. However, a pretty good job. Just a few small changes and can still be used.

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  by secretzzz 2011-10-01
very good 

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  by guyfromnb 2011-10-01
Good content. Thank you 

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  by sambigger 2011-10-01
good content, but several places where the word "sings" is used where it should have been "signs". So, I get that the spell checker wouldn't catch this, but a grammar check should have. 

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  by Mikehaynes 2011-09-30
Nicely written. 

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  by tristlss 2011-09-29

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  by Davidge 2011-09-27

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  by vikki2727 2011-09-27
Great writer. Followed my instructions for keywords :) Very quick delivery. Would us this writer for future projects! 

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  by intranet 2011-09-26

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  by greenxp54 2011-09-25
good article 

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  by elanzen 2011-09-25
Good Article.  

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  by steelbone 2011-09-24

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  by casags 2011-09-24
Great informative article thanks 

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  by prepaid4topup 2011-09-24

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  by munfaridon 2011-09-23
good writer 

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