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  by macrdee 2013-03-02
Good work well written thank you:) 

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  by Acewriter 2013-03-01
Nice job on the article. 

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  by NatashaTEAM 2012-06-14
I'm sorry for having to reject this, but I don't need a transcription but a rewrite.What you wrote for the upper mid and lower face is also mentioned in short from 4:00 to 6:30, exclude fillers explanatons, and finish with 7:32 to 8:20. There you go 

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  by josephgrut 2012-05-23
Thank you for your effort but the article is not quite what I expected. It was more about the quantity than the quality - which should not be the case. Thank you for your effort though. 
Responded with comment: You must keep in mind that writers put a lot of effort in writing. if you cannot accept at least do not be stingy with stars. you ate away my stars also. Very disappointing! 

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  by promcmax 2012-05-20
Great article. I like it. 

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  by bcalling23 2012-05-16
Too many punctuation errors 

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  by Zsozso 2012-05-14
Unfortunately I had to reject the article because it doesn't flow well, doesn't include subheadings and bullet points (ignored my special instructions) and because he/she needs to work on his/her grammar. I can't use this article on my site. 
Responded with comment: I did use bullet points but it is iwriter's problem that it does not show paragraphs or bullet points. if you think, i can edit and give it to you.


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  by FixCredit 2012-05-12
You did great. I appreciate it.  

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  by webular 2012-05-10

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  by iriegirl 2012-05-09
Great article. Well researched 

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  by Huskie88 2012-05-08
very good 

Rated with 
  by Neiltrino 2012-05-05
Ignored instructions 

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  by seanmc 2012-05-05
Improper use of keywords and typos 

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  by blevinsnaff 2012-05-05

Rated with 
  by stevie27 2012-05-02

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  by kopplin 2012-04-29

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  by Neiltrino 2012-04-29
Article was ok but it required more headings/sub headings and needed to be more succint and to the point.  

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  by GODOVERYOU 2012-04-28

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  by alexwork 2012-04-26
Poor grammar. 

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  by markwong5887 2012-04-25
sorry. already got this article not long ago. anyway, thanks 
Responded with comment: What do you mean - got this article long ago. this is no reason to reject the article. you took 4 days and then rejected the article.
Only scammers like you can have free lunch.

Beware writers do not waste time for these kind of requesters. 

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  by neowave 2012-04-25
Did a great job writing the article.  

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  by onlineweb5 2012-04-24
Last time I rejected the same article but again you send the same article 
Responded with comment: I have never written an article for you.

Only beggars and animals can have free lunch.

Beware writers do not ever write for this requester. He has a hobby of rejecting. A big scammer! 

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  by gatensj 2012-04-24

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  by cephla 2012-04-22

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  by teachcsg 2012-04-21
Good job. Thanks 

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