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  by alexwork 2012-04-26
Poor grammar. 

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  by markwong5887 2012-04-25
sorry. already got this article not long ago. anyway, thanks 
Responded with comment: What do you mean - got this article long ago. this is no reason to reject the article. you took 4 days and then rejected the article.
Only scammers like you can have free lunch.

Beware writers do not waste time for these kind of requesters. 

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  by neowave 2012-04-25
Did a great job writing the article.  

Rated with 
  by onlineweb5 2012-04-24
Last time I rejected the same article but again you send the same article 
Responded with comment: I have never written an article for you.

Only beggars and animals can have free lunch.

Beware writers do not ever write for this requester. He has a hobby of rejecting. A big scammer! 

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  by gatensj 2012-04-24

Rated with 
  by cephla 2012-04-22

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  by teachcsg 2012-04-21
Good job. Thanks 

Rated with 
  by cosmic 2012-04-20

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  by secretzzz 2012-04-19

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  by vitanet 2012-04-19

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  by vgvalerie 2012-04-18
I needed an article more focused on food allergies and sensitivities as trigger for canker sores, not a general article on what they are.  

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  by josip 2012-04-17

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  by rsbpc123 2012-04-17
Good over all article, not the position I was looking for but the quality is good. 

Rated with 
  by mikegl 2012-04-14
Very good job. I am pleased with the product and will use you again in the future.


Rated with 
  by chidi11 2012-04-13
good article 

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  by judyblue 2012-04-13
Well written and thoughtful article. 

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  by scotty 2012-04-12
Thanks for your effort but have to reject this as i need a shorter article. Thanks for your time mate! Scotty 
Responded with comment: This is no reason to reject. i could not write 400 words because iwriter does not accept less than 500 words. you not only ate away my money but also ate away my stars. Very mean 

Rated with 
  by Helena 2012-04-12

Rated with 
  by NatashaTEAM 2012-04-11
Thank you 

Rated with 
  by narongpon 2012-04-11
Comment was removed by admin

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  by worldwidewandering 2012-04-10
Excellent work. Thorough research. I'm very pleased with this article. 

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  by nickbielawski 2012-04-09
Thanks. Well researched and well written. Definitely recommend. 

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  by abuyer 2012-04-09
Ugly formatting, doesn't look like written from native English! 
Responded with comment: You had not mention that you wanted Native English writer only otherwise i would not have wasted my precious time.

Beware writers do not write for this requester. he can reject for no reason. 

Rated with 
  by casper680 2012-04-08
all seemed ok thanks 

Rated with 
  by nvickery 2012-04-08
Responded with comment: Mind your language 

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