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Tracey Parece is a professional writer, editor and photographer from Boston, MA who just happens to be an ordained minister. She has written thousands of articles on various topics for Examiner where she covers everything from UFO sightings and paranormal activity to romance and celebrity news. Tracey writes marketing and advertising content for a variety of high-profile clients who require everything from product reviews to SEO content to market their products and services. Her work also appears on CBS Boston where she advises locals on the best shopping and style deals in town.

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  by Bastin 2012-06-11 for Article: Chocolate Treats Are a Sweet Surprise
Not count as requested 

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  by darkvivi 2012-06-11 for Article: Why Viewers Love to Watch Crossing Jordan
didn't follow my orders 

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  by CovonG 2012-06-10 for Article: Amway Products Online Equals Quality Plus Convenience
WOW. after reading several other articles this one really stands out as the best. Thank you. great job. 

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  by eyalfatran 2012-06-10 for Article: Stylish Watches for Women Are Functional and Fashionable
Very nice article thanks 

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  by tylerl 2012-06-10 for Article: How to Recognize Sleep Apnea Symptoms
Well written and well organized. Thank you! 

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  by MishaA 2012-06-09 for Article: Mapquest Is the Free and Easy Way to Find Your Destination
Thank you :) 

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  by fonic1 2012-06-09 for Article: What Is a Wax Seal Stamp?
Really good :) 

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  by morphius 2012-06-09 for Article: Wholesale Plus Size Clothing Meets the Needs of Women With Curves

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  by tylerl 2012-06-09 for Article: A Sleep Apnea Mask Can Save Your Marriage and Your Life
Great Title. Great Article. This is just what I was looking for.  

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  by MarketChimp 2012-06-09 for Article: The Importance of Visiting Card Design
Many grammar and spelling mistakes 
Responded with comment: Thank you kindly for your comments. I was unable to locate the spelling and grammatical errors that you mentioned. I am sorry that we were unable to work together.  

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  by dianaponder 2012-06-09

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  by mkk252 2012-06-09
Write good ideas 

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  by Levonmarkos 2012-06-08

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  by MishaA 2012-06-08
Thank you 

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  by josip 2012-06-08
good, tnaks 


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