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English has always been my world. My life experiences, educational background and giftings from God have communed to what I am today. I love reading, listening, and teaching English. I am a licensed English Teacher and I also do proofreading/ editing written articles. I have studied and majored English with Applied Linguistics, so I do best in communications may it be in oral-aural com or written form. I look for an opportunity for me to be a blessing to others with what God has so blessed me with. Looking forward to partnering with you.

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  by indexa 2012-07-11 for Article: Why does your ear ring? Find out 10 causes of ringing in the ears.
Great article
Done very well as request
Thank you 

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  by pogospring 2012-07-11 for Article: The Best Converse Experience
Great Article. 

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  by libradzul 2012-07-11 for Article: Gifts/Flowers at your fingertips!
thank you 

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  by josip 2012-06-14 for Article: Does A Black Hole Roam Solo Around The Universe?

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  by skyjones 2012-06-13 for Article: North American Power

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  by billmeans@mail4me.com 2012-06-12 for Article: Need To Earn? Grab Home Income Profits!
Excellent Job.  

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  by JohnKS 2012-06-12 for Article: To The Zoo We Go!
Great Job. Exactly What I wanted 

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  by libradzul 2012-06-12 for Article: You can have the best Sound of Music NOW!
Thank you. 

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  by johnnybang 2012-06-12 for Article: Experience Philippine Diving at its best- Dive in Puerto Galera!

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  by rrusli 2012-06-11 for Article: Bored? Join Games Online in Indonesia

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  by Zimzalabim 2012-06-11
Good effort, well laid out. Some padding out but not much. Followed instruction.  

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  by turkon 2012-06-09


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