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  by LindsayFrances 2012-06-29 for Article: Recuperating After Liposuction
Thank you for the article. I'm accepting it, but I can't give a 5-star rating b/c the 1 huge paragraph should've been broken up into a few paragraphs. 

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  by anatoly14 2012-06-28 for Article: Gerber Baby Food

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  by misterlmno 2012-06-27 for Article: Cruising the Caribbean on the Dream Cruise Ship
looking good, a few grammar issues but followed instructions very well. 

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  by rscott 2012-06-21 for Article: Yoga Guardian: Leading Individuals to a Purpose Filled Life!
The article title says it is about leading a purpose filled life, but the article itself is on mindfulness.

I'm confused. Sorry, I already have one on mindfulness. 

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  by samisuperlove 2012-06-12 for Article: Senior Picture Ideas
thank you! 

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  by fireflamespitter 2012-06-10 for Article: Infinity Blade Guide

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  by arun347 2012-06-09 for Article: Experience Exquisite Massage at Massage Envy, Charlotte

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  by dsgehl 2012-06-06 for Article: The Buzz on Natural Breast Enhancements
thank you 


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