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Reggie Gill is a novelist who resides in Vancouver, B.C. He has written published articles on various subjects, and is always looking to provide content. He enjoys writing, and has a wide variety of interests, so almost no topic is out of bounds.

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  by neilcoleman78 2012-06-27 for Article: Snooker Flash Game

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  by ebrunssr 2012-06-26 for Article: How Video Locators Help You Find Missing People
done with this cycle 
Responded with comment: Horrible. Do not work with them. All I got was "done with this cycle" and it was rejected. Now my rating takes a hit because of their mistake. 

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  by levanchik 2012-06-26 for Article: Pac-Man
Awesome article, followed my instructions very well. Thank you very much 

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  by allmang 2012-06-26 for Article: Why the Home Pull up bar is so great

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  by miCro81 2012-06-19 for Article: San Francisco 49ers invite exonerated linebacker Brian Banks to rookie minicamp
I like it, thanks. 

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  by drgthang 2012-06-15 for Article: NBA Finals 2012: Miami Heat vs Oklahoma City Thunder
Very well written article and done per requested instructions! 

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  by crmarjunkarthik 2012-06-15 for Article: The best hangover cure in Las Vegas!
The article is ok 

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  by floshow25 2012-06-14 for Article: Stretch-Out strap: An in-depth review.
review followed guidelines well

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  by octavyo 2012-06-14 for Article: The secret to losing fat and feeling full on a 1500 calorie diet!
Great article 

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  by anatoly14 2012-06-13 for Article: Get Free Birthday gifts and discounts online!


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