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I use article marketing for in my own marketing plans, both for myself and clients.
I am passionate about online marketing and am an active blogger.

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  by jastiny 2013-09-30 for Article: Asparagus: A long history and longer list of health benefits
Great article 

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  by malusigp 2012-12-28 for Article: Landing pages are the road map to sales
good article thanks 

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  by toorgeman 2012-12-28 for Article: Staying cool in your home is wonderful - breathing clean air is essential
excellent thank you 

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  by accent09 2012-12-27 for Article: Escape the everyday with these Cubicle Decor Ideas
Good job. Thank you.  

Rated with 
  by JMFieldMarketing 2012-12-27 for Article: Soccer fans want these jerseys

Rated with 
  by pmontero 2012-12-26 for Article: Could pushups really be that easy
I asked for a summary of the video. This piece is in first person and I can't use it. It doesn't summarize anything. I didn't ask for a first person opinion piece. 

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  by writeway 2012-12-26 for Article: Now available e-cigarettes in the USA - the new alternative to smoking
Thank you 

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  by danko6 2012-12-24 for Article: Need a better nights sleep wearing a CPAP mask? Buy a CPAP Pillow
good article but will not work for my site 

Rated with 
  by niamori 2011-10-31 for Article: Target Credit Card Login; a how to

Rated with 
  by johanna 2011-10-30 for Article: Why buy a cuisinart slow cooker
You wrote exactly what I wanted, thank you. However, you did not use the keywords except once in the last sentence. I will have to do some rewriting to get them as needed. Other wise well done. 

Rated with 
  by amawells 2011-10-18

Rated with 
  by emarketing 2011-10-18
Better than many but doesn't mention the product name. 
Responded with comment: Were never told of the request that caused the article to be denied.  

Rated with 
  by mabystar 2011-10-13
Great job .. thank you  

Rated with 
  by bizgenie 2011-10-11
Welll written, clear information. Fast production. Thanks 

Rated with 
  by RightStart 2011-10-11
Excellent work. All instructions followed. 

Rated with 
  by craigan 2011-10-11
Good writing, but was too heavy usage on one of the keywords making it seem unnatural. 

Rated with 
  by bizgenie 2011-10-10
Well written information. Quick (within less than an hour) response. Just what I am looking for. Thanks. 

Rated with 
  by gfuller28 2011-10-05

Rated with 
  by teell2 2011-10-04

Rated with 
  by Lindahart 2011-10-04
Great article, Thanks 

Rated with 
  by bizgenie 2011-10-03
Good job. His/her understanding and use of English is good,, and the article is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks 

Rated with 
  by RobBangkok 2011-10-03
Very good - thank you. I liked the last past that I can use as my resource! Cheers. 

Rated with 
  by msritter 2011-09-30
Beginning was a little choppy, but all in all, a decent article. 

Rated with 
  by mmfromh 2011-09-30
Good content and grammar. 

Rated with 
  by iphoenix 2011-09-30

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