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  by tuckery 2012-06-29 for Article: Living room ideas.
Not what I'm looking for. 

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  by slleknaes 2012-06-26 for Article: Fast Acne Home Remedies.

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  by chicaCMmod 2012-06-22 for Article: Kapoeta Ambica Designs
Doesnt capture the interest of the reader 
Responded with comment: boo! 

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  by userlw 2012-06-22 for Article: Internet Marketing and Business online
keywords not used as given and as special instructions 
Responded with comment: boo! 

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  by willicolon 2012-06-21 for Article: How to get rid of pimples fast.
bad Spelling / Sorry  

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  by sjmcqueen 2012-06-20 for Article: Internet Marketing
There are too many small mistakes to accept this article. Please proofread your article before submitting. 

Rated with 
  by eyalfatran 2012-06-19 for Article: Today's fashion trend.


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