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Hello, I am-
my writer name is already up there so I needn't bother with proper name introduction.
I live in a house with a sun-room and on most mornings I drink tea with breakfast.
Oh, right-
I live in Australia. I've yet to taste shrimp on a barbie.
I probably read more books than I should and injure myself during sports almost every month. I'm decidedly bad at doing my taxes and satisfying women. No, that was a joke. Both of them.

I write because I read and I don't see myself as an article writer for the rest of my life, or even half of it. I'm interested in writing novels but until I start I will be writing articles. I take upon any job that I think I will be good at. I'm good at creative writing and writing in a unique style though I rarely get a chance of that in here.

I often like to end my bio with suddenness-


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