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  by MrManvsclock 2012-08-28 for Article: Base Jumping the world

Rated with 
  by sergeru 2012-08-27 for Article: Starting a small business

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  by juanzitosv 2012-08-11 for Article: A company review about InterContinental Hotels Group
Great content thanks! 

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  by sergiogh 2012-08-10 for Article: TOURISM AND SCUBA DIVING IN THAILAND
I don't want 300 words of what is scuba diving. I need paragraphs and a structured writing. 

Rated with 
  by delashmate 2012-08-02 for Article: WORMS IN DOGS

Rated with 
  by twilightofidols 2012-07-19 for Article: SLEEP APNEA/ SNORING.
I don't expect much for 3 bucks, but at least paragraph breaks and an article related to the keyword. 

Rated with 
  by Purple Cow Communications 2012-07-18 for Article: Seychelles, property investments, Eden Island
Doesn't follow project instructions 

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  by belgarciat 2012-07-17 for Article: CATEGORY: TRAVEL AND LEISURE SYDNEY HABOUR YHA REVIEW.

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  by neshkito 2012-07-17 for Article: 10 TIPS TO LOSE WEIGHT.
Not following the rules 

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  by ubet168 2012-07-13 for Article: SOCCER BETTING

Rated with 
  by phoenixman 2012-07-11
Grammar and punctuation needs improving. Please write on topic a bit more. 


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