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I am a middle-age, married woman and the mother of two teenage daughters. I live in the Pacific Nothwest surrounded by the giant redwoods and, I am an ever inspired neighbor, to the vast Pacific Ocean.

I am an avid reader of a wide variety of writings; fiction and non-fiction. I have recently read Faulkner's "As I Lay Dying." My favorite book series is the "Clan of the Cave Bear" series as I have an interest in anthropology.

When my oldest daughter turned 7 we learned that she and I both share a unique set of learning qualities. We both have ADD, we both have a non-verbal learning disorder, and we both test in the gifted range in areas of verbal acuity. This combination is very rare and makes for some interesting life challenges and assets. Little is known about this combination of traits and I have had to become, through much research, a bit of an expert on the topic.

I love dogs, big dogs, and we have two; a yellow lab and an Akita/German Shepherd cross. In the past I have also had a purebred German Sheperd, a shepherd/wolf cross (not a good idea), two Old English Sheep Dogs, and a Great Dane.


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