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  by constant1 2011-11-18 for Article: Pets Control Methods Dealing with Mice,Roaches and Bed Bugs
certain parts of the article do not make sense... 
Responded with comment: 35 years in pest control and 4 categories including public health I have.These people have no clue and are pencil pushers.Farming is easy when your plow is a pencil and the nearest field is 1000 miles away.My article was perfectly relevant. 

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  by DarrenLee 2011-10-28 for Article: airgun cleaning vs.conventional firearm cleaning
Excellent article over delivered Thanks A Lot. 

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  by gsuaaron 2011-10-17 for Article: Ugly Stik Rods
Great Write-up once again. Grammar needs a little work, but it is definitely unique which matters most. Thanks 

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  by felixalbutra 2011-10-11 for Article: rifle scope use and instruction
The article is good for its price but I found some grammar errors and misspelling of words. Anyway, you based the concept as in your own experience.  

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  by hisolutionsllc 2011-10-07 for Article: how to kill stink bugs,FAQ
My project requirement was for "Frequently Asked Questions".... I needed 10 questions and 10 answers. Instead, I got 10 facts. 

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  by elanzen 2011-09-29 for Article: Bed Bug Information,How To Check for Bed Bugs
Good article.  

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  by gsuaaron 2011-09-28 for Article: Ugly Stik Custom,best Rod ever!
Well written article, but keyword only used twice. thanks 

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  by cgingrich 2011-09-21 for Article: How to Get Rid of Stink bugs,Always Follow Label Instructions Properly
Article doesn't make sense. Isn't written in an understandable way both grammatically or language wise. Also no spacing after any sentence leads me to believe this writer does not speak native English. 

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  by James53 2011-09-20 for Article: Bed Bug Control and Eradication at Home or Traveling
Needs some work, but ok. 


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