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  by juapower 2011-09-26
sorry, but there are too many grammar mistakes and the article is not easy to read. 

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  by shaqirhussyin 2011-09-26
I'm sorry my friend but this not written well. The title did not catch my interest and it didn't get any better as I read the text. Also I feel the layout is wrong. If you re-write this with improved grammar and layout I will probably take it. Thank 

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  by 1000perday 2011-09-26
Very bad english 

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  by lumumba 2011-09-23
Last sentence does not contain the keyword. I am taking the article, but please next time double check requirements. Having the keyword on the last sentence is something google will search for. 

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  by jez111 2011-09-23
very good article very well written 

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  by fnfarns 2011-09-21
Article was well researched. Had some gramer issues. 

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  by tdn878 2011-09-21
Sorry, there are too many grammar and punctuation mistakes for me to accept. 

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