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I am a work at home mother of three wonderful children. I've always loved writing ever since I was a child. Every aspect of writing fascinates me, right down to researching due to my knack for learning.

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  by ownergolan 2012-09-17 for Article: Finding an Accurate Home Pregnancy Test
This is not what I was looking for. Content is familiar to me, and some grammar issues are present. Also, few sentences does not connect in a weird way.  

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  by Gdeskin 2012-08-28 for Article: Preventative Maintenance for Healthy Hooves
What a pleasure to read your article, 

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  by Luvrokatz 2012-08-20 for Article: Winterizing Tips for Canadian Drivers
Good article. Excellent English and no grammar problems. Thank you. 

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  by Jillian P 2012-05-22 for Article: MotoGroup motorcycle carrier ramp
Very speedy and acceptable rewriting job. 

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  by svtdbird 2012-01-23 for Article: When Should You Get Tested For STDs?
good job 

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  by charhammett 2012-01-23 for Article: Understanding Your Home Mortgage Options
:( Did you rush through this one? It's so technical its hard to understand and very choppy info/grammar. No conclusion either.  

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  by charhammett 2012-01-21 for Article: Crucial Steps to Buying a Home and Getting a Mortgage
Awesome! This is exactly what I wanted!!!! The grammar and syntax is awesome! It sounds very natural and put together. I would love to hire you for the other reports i have requested.  

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  by Gable88 2012-01-21 for Article: What Parents Must Know Before A Entering Baby Photo Contest

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  by neo1001 2012-01-20 for Article: How to find the best online deals to save money on your favorite products
Have some fragmented sentences and lack flow. 

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  by revroger 2012-01-15 for Article: The History and Uses of Copal Incense
Very nice Thank you! 

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  by jxgilber 2012-01-01

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  by xpress-11 2012-01-01
Sorry Bro, I promised 700 Words And You Gave me 916 Words. what is it? Sorry, I cann't accept this article,because it more than i promised and my article directory woun't accept it. I can accept 730-740, but 916 is very much. 
Responded with comment: Would of gladly shortened the article for the requester. In the future if a word cap is needed it can be helpful to state that. Many writers enjoy the subjects they write on and easily go over. These extra words are freebies. 

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  by webular 2011-12-30

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  by bubby2 2011-12-28
The article was well written and included the concepts that I want to have in my blog and articles 

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  by Huskie88 2011-12-20
very good 

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  by tkuhnen 2011-12-20

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  by MBtickets 2011-11-29
Thanks for the well written article! 

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  by Paul Giblin 2011-11-26
Excellent article, grammar and style perfect. The only question is the use of the keyword but the quality of the article makes up for that. I understand the keyword was not grammatically correct. Thank you. 

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  by jenrlo 2011-11-19
I appreciate it is not really possible to do a price comparison per se unless actually building a shed. The article had a professional style, sounded authorative and presented good points to consider plus followed the brief. Thank you. 

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  by MBtickets 2011-11-07
Nice article. Well written and followed my instructions. Thanks! 

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  by HQcontent 2011-11-03
Wow, exactly what I wanted thanks! 

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  by MBtickets 2011-10-31
Writer follows instructions wonderfully and gives you a good quality article. Thanks! 

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  by MBtickets 2011-10-29
Great writer with great content. Thanks for another quality article! 

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  by MarkoSla 2011-10-29
Excellent article, would use again, many thanks 

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  by asktheexperts 2011-10-28
The article gives me what I need to work with, thanks very much 

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