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I have been writing articles and creating online blog content for the past 6 years on a variety of subjects including Automobiles, Banking and Financial services, Real Estate, Fashion,Health Services, Hospitality services, Home improvement, Legal, Travel and Leisure and Technology. Customers can be well assured of a top quality article or a marketing material that is original in nature.

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  by unknown_zero 2013-05-27

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  by Mikee17 2013-05-27
Not a native English speaker. Lots of grammatical errors. Easier than to fix it myself than send it back for a 3rd try. 

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  by dione1 2013-05-27
This is PERFECT!! A+ Writer, thankyou! 

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  by OP_Alex 2013-05-23
Responded with comment: Why did you reject it.  

Rated with 
  by kristierimm 2013-05-22

Rated with 
  by zohard 2013-05-19
it is simply not true.. 
Responded with comment: You have rejected without assigning any reason 

Rated with 
  by kevinrutledge 2013-05-17
Very nice work, just what I needed, will use this writer again. Thanks 

Rated with 
  by OP_Alex 2013-05-17
Great grammar and substance. 

Rated with 
  by markanthony3737 2013-05-16

Rated with 
  by gadgetgirl 2013-05-16

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  by monkseo 2013-05-15
Talks about the warrior forum and not specifically warrior social offers. I want only about warrior special offers. Plus this is written poorly. 
Responded with comment: I have given equal weightage to both warrior forum and warrior special offer forum. Thee is no reason to reject this with a two star rating. 

Rated with 
  by tamara 2013-05-15
Thank you! 

Rated with 
  by scottsautomation 2013-05-14
For this rewrite I need two things:
1) Do a basic check of the facts stated in the original article. Edit any facts that are inaccurate.
2) Edit the original article to improve grammar and sentence structure. 
Responded with comment: You have rejected it and asking me to re write  

Rated with 
  by seorouters 2013-05-14
low quality spun article.. 
Responded with comment: I think I shouldn't have taken up the work in the first instance 

Rated with 
  by wendyb 2013-05-13

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  by oicgroup 2013-05-13
Content is very scattered and several points to not make valid sense from a marketing and SEO standpoint. 
Responded with comment: I beg to differ from you on the content scattering aspect. Everything has been analyzed in sequence. You are giving a single star on top of that 

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  by omar123 2013-05-13
good article 

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  by windygao23 2013-05-10
Responded with comment: There was no reason specified for rejection. Two hours of R & D gone waste. 

Rated with 
  by laakideb 2013-05-10
very good thanks. 

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  by lookingforgoodcontent 2013-05-09

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  by mtitania 2013-05-09
Good details, and stuck to the topic very well. The organization of the article was a little chaotic, not to mention the grammar, and will take some tweaking on our end. 

Rated with 
  by murchco 2013-05-08
Article was essentially a copy/paste/spin of existing content. 
Responded with comment: This is not copy and paste. And the reason for rejection is unacceptable 

Rated with 
  by Bskelhorn 2013-05-08
Sorry but I can see copy and paste used all over this piece. There is very little flow and it is really poorly executed.  
Responded with comment: There is not a valid reason for rejection 

Rated with 
  by swoop1338 2013-05-08

Rated with 
  by millsvs 2013-05-07

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