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Rated with 
  by constant1 2013-05-03 for Article: The Importance of a Home Security with Remote Camera System
Awkward language
Grammar issues

Rated with 
  by dimples 2013-04-29 for Article: Affordable White-Hat SEO Services
poor understanding of the topic at hand 

Rated with 
  by imarketingxpert 2013-04-25 for Article: Become a persuasive communicator to make an expert sale

Rated with 
  by greenman 2013-04-17 for Article: Yogurt is a Fun and Delicious Way to Maintain Good Health, Lean Muscle and a Proper Diet

Rated with 
  by TheCreme 2013-04-16 for Article: Valuable Online Dating Tips to Achieve a Wonderful Relationship
Need a better written articles. 

Rejected on 2013-04-14 for Article: Xbox Live got hacked, but not from Anonymous
Responded with comment: Thanks for the work friend. Enjoy the article.  

Rated with 
  by sgbenjudah 2013-04-12 for Article: What You Should Know About Windshield Repair

Rated with 
  by microedge 2013-04-12 for Article: Quality Web Design is Essential to Success
The first word of the article the writer used was incorrect and sadly the article got no better! I am paying %35 for a quality article and getting sent very poor quality spun articles :[ 

Rated with 
  by seanbrennan5 2013-04-09 for Article: Windows 8 Surface is a Tablet Laptop Hybrid providing the best of both worlds
Great stuff thanks! 

Rated with 
  by malusigp 2013-04-04 for Article: The I, Robot Parking Garage
good article but i was looking more for current tech news as these parking garages have been around in the east for a while already 

Rated with 
  by dcom56 2013-04-02
Great work 

Rated with 
  by adavalas 2012-11-01
excellent writer! 

Rated with 
  by neuewavemedia 2012-10-29
poor grammar, does not read well in places 

Rated with 
  by eisrodger 2012-10-23
This article is just what I needed. Thank you so much for bringing my point home.. 

Rated with 
  by waller540 2012-10-18

Rated with 
  by josh86 2012-10-15
Although you didn't really completely get idea of subject matter,but the article has some good points. There is some sentence structure issue. Overall, it will work; I will edit some. Thank you  

Rated with 
  by some1sxi 2012-10-14

Rated with 
  by wacka_wacka 2012-10-12
Not bad at all, thanks. 

Rated with 
  by iedgecorp 2012-10-09
Thank you. 

Rated with 
  by sylviabrowder 2012-10-09
The article has some good points. There is some sentence structure issue. Overall, it will work; I will edit some.

Thank you 

Rated with 
  by modernians 2012-04-19
Good content, just does not read very well. The vocab needs improving. 

Rated with 
  by stefffff 2012-03-06
very good writing skills 

Rated with 
  by Miks101 2012-01-23

Rated with 
  by bhjmom 2011-11-21
Written in first person and not well written at all 

Rated with 
  by MosierData 2011-11-03

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