Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions we're asked here at iWriter

A Watch this short tutorial video, as it explains everything: Click here
A No, there is no limit. Write as much or as little as you want. The more you write, the more money you'll make!
A Writers get paid via Paypal payments. Payment are sent in 1 of 4 time periods. Weekly, Every 2 weeks, Every month on the 5th, Every month on the 25th. You must include a valid Paypal email to get paid. Weekly payments are sent every Tueday. Bi-weekly payments are sent every other Wednesday. Monthly is sent either on the 5th or 25th depending on which is selected.
Payments will be sent to your Paypal account within a 24 hour time period from each of the dates previously mentioned. The exact time of day that the payment is sent may vary due to Paypal's payment scheduler.
A Writers get paid 81% of the price of each article. The rest is taken by Paypal transaction fees, as well as Copyscape quality checks to ensure the article is unique. This leaves a profit of $1.62 for a 300 word article, $2.43 for a 500 word article and $4.05 for 700 word article for the writer. These amounts vary based on the "type" of writer you are (i.e. Standard, Premium, or Elite). The amount displayed in this example is based on your current, personal, status. Elite writers can earn $15+ for an article. If you receive a "special request" from a requester you receive another 5% (i.e. 86%) earnings per article, which equates to $3.01 for a 500 word article.
A It means that a requester really liked your previous articles and has requested that only you are presented with their writing project. You receive 86% commission for every article you write when the project is submitted solely to you, so take advantage of this. If you ever see a project like this, write these first, because you'll earn the most.
A After you submit your article, it's presented to the requester. The requester has 3 days to either approve or reject your article. If your article is well written it will likely be approved by the requester. If your article is very poorly written (i.e. not original content, not following the "special instructions" listed by the requester, or containing extremely poor English, it may fall into those that get rejected). When your article is approved, the funds are placed immediately into your account. After 3 days, if the requester has not approved or rejected your article, iWriter automatically approves the article, placing the funds into your account. The maximum you will ever have to wait to receive the funds in your account is 3 days. Typically, it's only a few hours.
A This is important because it will tell other writers if the requester approves articles quickly. The quicker a requester approves articles, the quicker you receive the funds. It's always better to write for a requester with a good rating. As a writer, you have the ability to rate the requester, making the writing experience better for all writers involved. Use this feature wisely.
A While the likelihood of this happening is slim to none, a good option is to write your article in notepad or another text editor software on your computer. Once finished, copy and paste the article into the iWriter textbox. This way, if something goes wrong during the submission process, you still have the local copy on your computer, which you can resubmit without having to rewrite the article.
A A writer's account may get blocked due to breaking any of our terms of use. Some include, having repeated Copyscape warnings when submitting content, indicating a writer is submitting plagarized content; A writer rating below 3 after 5 reviews, 3.2 after 10 reviews, or 3.4 after 20 reviews. This indicates low quality writing skills. To protect our clients, low quality writing is not permitted. We reserve full rights to withhold payment from blocked writers due to violation of terms of service.
A Watch this short tutorial video, as it explains everything: Click here
A When you create your project, you should select to submit to "only top writers". This way your project is only viewable by proven iWriter writers with high ratings. You should never have to pay for an article you're not happy with. If you don't like, you have the option to click "reject" and place it back into the queue of writers to write.
A When you see this message, it means that 1 article was written for you and needs reviewed before you can download and the writer receives their commission for writing. Review the article, approve it, rate the writer and then you can download your article, and the writer gets paid.
A You have 3 days from the time the article is submitted to you, to review (i.e. approve or reject) the article. After 3 days and no response (i.e. review) is given for the article, it is automatically approved, the amount is deducted from your account, and the writer is paid. It's critical that you take the time to review any submitted articles to avoid paying for an article that you don't like. With iWriter you should NEVER pay for an article you don't like. If you reject an article, it's placed right back in the queue for another writer to write. You're charged nothing until the article is approved.
A Every once in a great while, Paypal doesn't properly send notification of your payment to us. If this happens, simply submit a support ticket by clicking here, and include your Paypal transaction ID, iWriter username, and amount your deposited and we will immediately credit your account.
A For those that use article syndication networks or spinning software for seo purposes (i.e. higher Google rankings) you may use, what's called "spin ready" articles. Each article that is written by an iWriter writer ALSO includes a separate text file containing that article with spin tags throughout the article. Most services charge anywhere from 2-10 dollars for "spin ready" articles; however, iWriter gives you this absolutely free.
A When you submit your project, there is a field labeled "special instructions". Enter your instructions there and the writer will see it before they write your article(s).
A Once you find a writer on iwriter that does a nice job, you can submit new projects specifically to them. The writer earns 86%, rather than 81% of the transaction and you will receive your articles much quicker this way. If the writer that you submit your project to doesn't respond in 3 days, the project is placed right back into the general pool of requests for the rest of the iWriter writers to pick up and write.
A You get paid at the scheduled time that you selected from the bottom of your profile page. You can select to be paid every Tuesday, every other Wednesday, every month on the 5th, or every month on the 25th.
A The minimum payout is $20. Funds will be held in your account until you reach the minimum $20 threshold.
A If you click on the balance number located on the top right hand side of your iWriter account, you will see any earnings you have made from either writing articles, or referring customers. You will also see any article purchases you have made.
A After you apply for our affiliate program, we will review your application and provide you with an affiliate link if you have been accepted. You will receive 50% of iWriter's earning on any deposit made by an article requester (i.e. client). Article requesters are those people that deposit funds into iWriter. Everytime a deposit is made into iWriter and the requester has an article written, iWriter earns money. You, as an affiliate will receive 50% of the money that iWriter earns from each article requested.
A Absolutely. But NOT spam. You are strictly forbidden to send any form of unsolicited emails about iWriter to anyone, at any time. Doing so will result in an immediate cancellation of your affiliate account and you will be banned from iWriter forever, without warning. Spamming is unacceptable.