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Shein Affiliate Program

Shein Affiliate Program Review - How Does It Work and How Much Can You Make?

SHEIN is one of the world's biggest global retailers, selling its fashion and lifestyle products in over 150 countries as of this writing. The company was founded about a decade ago, in 2012, with the motto "beauty and fashion should be accessible to everyone." SHEIN focuses mainly on women's fashion, although they have many other products, including men's fashion, shoes, accessories, bags, etc. The company also has an outstanding affiliate program that starts at 10% and reaches upwards of 20% commissions on selected products. Read on to discover more about the SHEIN affiliate program, how it works, how to apply, and more.

How to Get Started with the SHEIN Affiliate Program?

To become a SHEIN affiliate, you first need to go to their affiliate page, fill in the application, and submit it to the company. They have two pages, one for the United States and one for Europe and Asia. It's easy and, best of all, free to join their affiliate program and start earning between 10% and 20% commissions on every sale.

Like all affiliate programs, you'll need a social media platform set up online and already seeing traffic to get accepted as an affiliate with SHEIN. A website is preferred, but a YouTube channel or social media platform like Instagram will also work. Of course, you'll also need content that attracts potential buyers to your channel. That includes well-written, engaging content on websites since written content is what buyers look for most when purchasing clothing, fashion, and accessories.

Here's a brief list of what you'll need to be accepted by the SHEIN Affiliate Program:

• Fill in an application and agree to SHEIN's terms and conditions.

• A professional email address and your contact information.

• A live website or other social media channel with an established presence and traffic.

• If you're going to use YouTube, a channel that's been approved and is live on YouTube.

• Content, content, and more content. Written reviews, videos, and social media posts are the types of content that attract traffic to your online platform, whichever one you choose to use. (You can use several if you like.)

• A working payment portal on your channel of choice.

How Do you Get Approved for the SHEIN Affiliate Program?

Getting approved for the SHEIN affiliate program is similar to any other affiliate program. It involves applying correctly from their affiliate website, filling in the forms, and providing all the necessary information they require. Beyond that, however, it pays to also have the following parts and pieces in place before you apply to have the highest chance of success:

1) A Professional Email Address

Having a pro email is essential. If you have a website, which you should, you should also get an email address that comes from your site. If you're promoting, for example, women's sunglasses at, your email address should be [email protected].

2) A 1-Year Plan for Marketing and Content

Targeted traffic and quality results are what managers are looking for when choosing affiliates. They want to see that you have a plan to bring traffic to your website or other channels. That includes using SEO, content marketing, paid search, etc. If you can show you're on top of this, being approved shouldn't be a problem.

3) Excellent, High-Quality Content

There's no way to be an affiliate marketer without engaging, informative or entertaining content that you can post all...the...time. Original, well-written content for your website is critical, as well as videos for your YouTube channel and posts for other social media.

4) A Well-designed, Easy-to-use Website

Nothing will get you turned down faster than an ugly, wonky, or hard-to-navigate website. Yours should be inviting, uncluttered, and feature an intuitive interface that makes it easy for visitors to see what they want and click the link to purchase it.

5) Availability to Answer Questions

Make sure to give SHEIN a working phone number you use and that you pick it up right away if they decide to call and talk to you. Getting approved will be difficult if they can't do that easily and see that you're available.

What Products can you Promote with the SHEIN Affiliate Program?

SHEIN is a very large fashion retailer that serves over 150 countries and has hundreds of thousands of products. Most are geared towards women, but some are for men, kids, and general merchandise. Some of the biggest and most profitable categories you can promote as a SHEIN affiliate include:

• Fashion

• Shoes

• T-Shirts

• Jewelry

• Accessories

• Beauty and Make-Up

• Men's clothing

• Children's Clothing

• Plus-size Apparel

• Lingerie

What is the SHEIN Affiliate Program Commission Structure?

Unfortunately, it was tough to find any real data on the SHEIN commission structure for its affiliate program. Their website states that their commission rates start at 10%, which is quite good, and go top a whopping 20%, which is amazing! We assume the 20% commission would be if you sold a large number of units, although, without solid numbers from SHEIN, it's difficult to say.

Still, the fact that SHEIN is starting at 10% on everything you promote says a lot about the company and how they want to take care of affiliates. Many programs don't come close to 10%, let alone 20%! Indeed, the brand's high commissions are what make its affiliate program so attractive.

How to Make $1000 per Month as a Nike Affiliate?

As with any affiliate program, the way to riches is to have high traffic to your online sales platform so that your conversions are high. The more visitors your website, social media, or YouTube channel gets, the more conversions you'll have. The more conversions you have, the more sales you'll generate and the more profits you'll make. Here's a quick look at some numbers to help, using a pair of $150. women's shoes as an example with a 10% commission.

• Product ($150.00) x 10% Commission = $15.00 profit per sale.

• 67 Sales x $15.00 per sale = $1005.00

To generate 67 customers to purchase in a month, you would need 6,700 visitors to your website or social channel per month and a 1% conversion rate.

• 6,700 visitors x 1% conversion rate = 67 sales x $15.00 commission per sale = $1005.00

If you had a 2% conversion rate, you could make the same $1001.00 commission but with only 3,350 visitors to your website.

• 3,350 visitors x 2% conversion rate = 67 sales x $15.00 commission per sale = $1005.00

These numbers are examples, of course, and will go up or down depending on what you're selling, how much traffic you're getting, and your conversion rate. That's why many affiliates opt to sell higher-priced products, even though conversion rates drop as the price of a product increases. Also, most affiliate marketers sell a wide range of products at various price points so that they don't accidentally exclude folks who aren't looking to spend a lot (and have products for those who are).

Tips for Earning the Most Commissions from Your Affiliate Website

• To earn as an affiliate, you need a high amount of traffic from whatever online channel you use. To get more traffic, you need well-crafted content, especially written content if you're using a website. It needs to be engaging, interesting, and, most of all, helpful for the consumer on your site.

• You need new content to post all the time. Today's consumers are like ravenous sharks; they'll eat what you give them in an instant and immediately want more. If you don't give them yummy content, they'll go somewhere else to get it.

• An easy-to-navigate website is key if you're using one so that potential buyers can see what they want, check out the details, and, when they're ready, easily click the link you give them to go and purchase the SHEIN product of their choice.

What are the Pros/Cons of the SHEIN Affiliate Program?

SHEIN has many excellent benefits for affiliate marketers with few drawbacks.


• One of the highest commission rates, starting at 10%.

• Up to 20% commissions on selected products

• A 30-day cookie tracker, which is excellent!

• Monthly cash bonuses

• New activity and promotions Newsletter

• Eye-catching marketing materials

• Global reach

• 2 million+ products


• Many of SHEIN's items are low-priced, meaning you'll need to sell a lot to make money.

• The company deals very harshly with rule-breakers. Even for something small and innocuous, you could be dropped, and once you are, there's no going back.

What is the Best Alternative to the SHEIN Affiliate Program?

There are many women's clothing and apparel brands on the market today, no doubt. However, few have the range of products, and the global reach, that SHEIN does. Below are a few alternatives to their affiliate program that would be worth considering.

• Forever 21

• H&M

• Macy's

• Nordstrom

• Old Navy

• Target

• Zara

In Conclusion

With worldwide reach, hundreds of thousands of products, and high commission rates, SHEIN is well worth a look if you're an affiliate marketer. That being said, many of their items are on the low end, price-wise, so you would need to sell a bunch of them to make any real profits. Plus, the company isn't well known in the United States, which could be a drawback. Still, SHEIN is well-known in Europe and Asia and ships to those markets, opening a big door of opportunity. If you promote women's fashion on your channels, SHEIN might be your ticket to big affiliate bucks.


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