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Get Your Content Noticed

Getting your content in front of your desired audience is not an easy task.


If you want to get your content published, then you’ll have to out-pitch hundreds or even thousands of business owners in your same predicament… And even then, there’s no guarantee that your content will get picked up.


If there was a way we could guarantee that your content will get published on major news media sites across the US – would you be interested?

What Is Content Syndication?

Content Syndication gets your content in front of the audience you’ve always wanted with thousands of new readers every day.


Simply submit the URL to your new or existing blog content and we will get it published on over 300+ major news media sites across the US.


This results in over 300+ backlinks from high authority sites such as ABC, NBC, FOX & more.

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The Benefits Of Syndication

Aside from getting over 300+ backlinks to your content from major news outlets, you can use your new published content as social proof!


You’ll be featured on major news media sites across the US, and you can use this social proof to let your audience know that you’ve been featured.

How It Works

Step 1

Submit The URL To Your Blog Content

Purchase Content Syndication and submit the URL to your new or existing content.

Step 2

Content Distribution and Syndication

We will syndicate and publish your content on over 300+ major news media sites across the U.S.

Step 3

Get Your Finished Order Report

We’ll give you a detailed order report of all 300+ published URLs and news sites.


Content Syndication

Guaranteed Distribution & Placement

300+ News Sites

ABC, NBC, FOX & More


Per Distribution

Frequently Asked Questions

What information is required to place an order?

An active URL to your new or existing blog content.


What does an active URL look like?

Here is an example of an active URL to a piece of blog content:


Can I see a sample order report?

Absolutely! To access a sample report, click here.


How long do content syndication orders take to be completed?

Normal turnaround is 10 days from when you place the order. The turnaround time for this product may be subject to delay if we receive a URL that is not a blog post.


Do you syndicate content for any niche?

We will syndicate content for ANY niche except the following:


Illicit Drugs & Alcohol


 Is there a required word count for the content?

There is no required word count for content syndication.


What are the best practices for using content syndication?

Not only will the piece of content get syndicated, but the internal/external links inside of the content will as well. Therefore, it is best to be mindful of your anchor text ratios to avoid over-optimization.


Are all of the links do-follow?

The majority of the links will be no-follow, however, we do not have control over the placement sites. There will be a variety of both do-follow and no-follow.


Do all of the publishers use a rel=canonical tag?

We encourage all of the publishers to use the original link as the rel=canonical tag, however, we cannot guarantee that all of the publishers will.


What about duplicate content?

Excellent question! The republishing of content is very common in the publishing industry but is often a misunderstood concept in SEO.


There are many great reasons to syndicate content, as long as the SEO aspect of it is handled correctly as recommended by Google.


On every page that re-publishes your content, you will be cited as the original source.


Where can I learn more about content syndication?

There are a few great resources to learn from!


Click here to see what Moz has to say about content syndication.