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Case Study: E-Commerce

E-Commerce Case Study (12,000+ Traffic Increase!)

Here at iWriter, we create more content for E-Commerce websites than anything else.

There are SO many different types of online stores but they all share the same goals:

• Get more traffic

• Get more sales

You’re probably wondering, how does an E-Commerce site achieve those goals??

In this case study, we’re going to show you exactly how we grew an E-Commerce website’s traffic by over 12,000+ visits per month.

No link building. No paid ads. All of this growth was done organically by posting new content on their blog, month after month.


This particular E-Commerce website sells custom lights for LEGO sets. Pretty neat, right?

When this client came to us in August of 2021, their site was already getting traffic (a little over 2,000 visits per month).

They were posting new content on their blog pretty frequently, but the content was thin.

The content wasn’t properly formatted or optimized for SEO and there wasn’t much use of any keywords.

Fortunately for them, LEGO keywords have an extremely low keyword difficulty (KD) and a large amount of search volume each month.

With a proper E-Commerce content marketing strategy in place, we were able to help this site dominate the SERPs for LEGO-related keywords and start selling their LEGO light sets like candy!

The Strategy

Month 1: August 2021

As mentioned above, this site was already getting some traffic when they came to iWriter:


Their main goal of using iWriter was to optimize the website so that more LEGO fans will find it and want to buy their custom light sets.

For the first month, we started them out with 5 SEO blog posts. Each post was 1,000 words long.

These were generic topics based on keywords like “LEGO sets” and “LEGO minifigures”.

The goal was to get the site ranking for lego-related keywords and interlink each piece of new content with the most recent one that was posted.

Month 2: September 2021

We kept the same strategy going for month 2, but upped the number of blogs to 7.

The same generic keywords were used, based on “LEGO sets”, etc., and each blog post was 1,000 words long.

Months 3-6: October 2021 - January 2022

It can often take upwards of 3 months for Google to crawl, index, and start ranking your website.

But once it does…that’s where you’ll see the most growth.

In only 6 months' time, this site's organic traffic had gone from 2,654 to over 14,500+.

That’s over 449% growth in organic traffic!

We did alter the strategy a bit for this 4 month period:

We wrote (4) 1,000-word SEO blogs each month, but this time, we went for more targeted keywords.

Rather than just going after the generic “LEGO sets”, we went for specific types of popular sets like “Avengers LEGO sets”, “LEGO titanic”, and “LEGO death star”.

Keywords like these have a HUGE amount of search volume and an extremely low keyword difficulty:

This means that 76,000 people are searching “lego titanic” on Google each month…

And the lower the KD number is, the easier it is to rank for that keyword.

Months 7-11: February 2022 - June 2022

We stuck with the same strategy here by going after specific lego sets, each with its own 1,000-word SEO blog post.

We created anywhere from 3 to 8 1,000-word blogs each month based on specific lego sets like “Harry Potter LEGO set” or “LEGO sonic”. You get the point!

Each SEO blog post contains focus keywords, internal and external links, a unique meta description, proper HTML formatting, a stock image, and more!


We were able to grow this E-Commerce website's organic traffic, traffic value, and keyword rankings all by posting new SEO optimized content to their website on a consistent basis.

lightail SEO

After doing some keyword research on Ahrefs, we found that there were a TON of high-value keywords that this site could rank for.

They just needed to be more specific in their content. A more targeted approach.

And that’s where we came in!

After 11 months of work, we’ve grown this E-Commerce website's organic traffic from 2K to 15K visitors per month and we’ve grown their organic traffic value by 600%.

If you’d like some help growing your E-Commerce site with our custom content writing services, then you should book a free consultation with us today!

Quick Wins

Organic Traffic $ Value Before Using iWriter:

Organic Traffic $ Value After 11 Months of Using iWriter:

Organic Traffic Before Using iWriter:


Organic Traffic After 11 Months of Using iWriter:


# of Organic Keywords Ranking Before Using iWriter:

# of Organic Keywords Ranking After 11 Months of Using iWriter:



Total Content Marketing Budget: $1,370

Campaign Length: 11 Months (& still going!)

Monthly Traffic Value: $2,936

Organic Keywords: 25,632


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