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Content Readability Tool

FREE Content Readability Tool

Use this tool to check the quality of your content writing. Submit a target URL and get a detailed readability report. The average American adult reads at an 8th grade level, so it's essential that your content is not too difficult to read or comprehend.

When prospective customers and clients happen upon your web pages, the last thing you want them to encounter is content that's difficult to understand, poorly written, or too technical. If they do, visitors won't stick around, and you'll lose the opportunity to engage with them and convert them into new customers. When that happens, even if your content is helpful, interesting, or actionable, all that time and energy creating content goes down the drain. Even worse, unreadable content sends your Google rank tumbling (or never lifts it higher in the first place).

But what can you do as a business owner to prevent dull, unreadable content from being posted on your pages? You've got enough on your plate as it is, and keeping track of your content creators wastes a lot of time and energy. Instead, check the readability of your pages the smart, fast way with the Content Readability Tool.

The Content Readability Tool is a free SEO tool that tells you if your content is engaging, informative, and readable or... not. To use it, all you do is copy the URL of any web page and paste it into the Content Readability Tool's info box. Then, click "View Readability Report," and in mere seconds, you'll have a free report that gives your content a grade from 0 to 100. It also tells you the grade level, words per sentence, and the percentage of "big words," too. (More than 3 syllables.)

Posting readable content is essential to rank highly on Google. To find out if your pages are readable or need to be improved, do it the easy way with the free Content Readability Tool. It's another best SEO practice to help your content perform, drive more traffic to your web pages and increase your Google ranking.

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