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Enter your domain into our Free Google Rank Checker Tool to see what keywords are driving the most traffic to your website. Powered by SEMrush.

One of the most important aspects of SEO is a page's Google ranking. When it's high, your business flies. If not, you're like a fly on the wall; nobody notices you. But how do you check your ranking? More importantly, how can you find the top keywords that will drive traffic to your website, landing page, blog, etc.? The answer is the Google Rank Checker from iWriter.

With the Google Rank Checker, a free tool, you can check the rank of your page on Google, which is fantastic in and of itself. More than that, however, the tool spits out your top traffic-driving keywords, their rank, volume, and traffic percentage. The Google Rank Checker also gives you the number of results the keyword has and how it's trending on Google, all of which is vital information that can help you take a low-ranking page and boost it considerably higher on Google's search engine. As a cherry on top, the Google Rank Checker allows you to expert your newfound golden keywords to a CSV file or download it to your computer as a PDF file! And remember, all of this is free from iWriter.

How does the tool work? It couldn't be easier. Simply copy the URL of the webpage whose Google rank you want to check. Next, paste the URL into the Rank Checker's info box and hit "View Google Rankings." That's it! You'll have a long list of top-driving keywords for you and your brand in mere seconds, ready to start using to improve your SEO! There are a few other features as well, including notification of changes to a keyword's ranking, a powerful extra tool. Google's Page 1, here you come!

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