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Keyword Density Tool

FREE Keyword Density Tool

Use this tool to calculate a percentage based off the number of times a word or phrase is used, compared to the total word count for that page. Find the optimal keyword density percentage for your webpages here.

Keywords are integral to all content marketing strategies, from blogs to newsletters, landing pages, and websites. Think of keywords as bait for fishing on the internet. In this case, you're using keywords and phrases rather than a worm. Use the right keywords, and your perfect customers will come to your online content like hungry little fishies! Then, all you need do is reel them in and land them! (Gently, of course.)

But what happens when you use too many keywords in your content? What about when you use so many keywords they outnumber the actual content? An experienced marketer will tell you, with too many keywords, Google's bound to take you down. See, Google doesn't like when you stuff your content with keywords. They want high-quality content that focuses on informing, educating, and empowering rather than shoving keywords in your visitors' faces.

To ensure you don't get caught keyword stuffing your content, and keep Google on your good side, use the free Keyword Density tool. The Keyword Density tool tells you if your content has too many keywords and what those are. All you do is type in the URL from any webpage. In mere moments, the Keyword Density tool gives you real-world, actionable information about every keyword on your page. That includes the result, frequency, and density at your fingertips. Plus, it gives feedback on 1 keyword, 2 keywords, and, yes, even 3 keywords!

Simply pop your URL into the Keyword Density tool and find out instantly if you're going overboard with keywords. If you are, you'll know which keywords to pare down (and keep Google happy)! Try the Keyword Density tool today! It's the free, easy way to ensure your content isn't going keyword crazy!

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