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Keyword Gap Analysis Tool

FREE Keyword Gap Analysis Tool

Use this tool to see what type of keywords your competitors' websites are ranking for. Add up to 3 competitors' domains to compare the content and keywords between them.

These days, it's not enough to know which keywords are best for your web content but which are working best for your competition. Think about it this way; if the keywords they're using are getting fantastic results and ranking their content and webpages highly, it stands to reason those keywords will do the same for yours.

The challenge, of course, is to find out what keywords and phrases are knocking it out of the park for your competitors. Let's face it; you can't just pop off an email and ask them to share their keyword gold with you. (Hint: they won't.) You could try and do it yourself, but that would be a big investment of your already limited time and energy.

Our suggestion? Find the keywords your competition uses in less than a minute, for free, with the Keyword & Content Gap Analysis Tool.

The Keyword & Content Gap Analysis Tool makes peeking at your competition's top keywords a breeze. Within seconds of inputting your URL and the URLs of your three top competitors, the Keyword & Content Gap Analysis Tool is done. On your screen, you'll have a massive list of all the keywords that your competitors are ranking for (and you're not). Even better, you'll have other actionable metrics, like the cost of PPC for any particular keyword. The average monthly volume for every key term is also included, a valuable metric for determining which keywords to use in your content.

In short, the Keyword & Content Gap Analysis Tool will empower you to see what's helping your competition in the keyword department and, even better, tweak your content to take advantage of them also. It's a free, easy, actionable way to improve your keyword usage and all-important Google ranking.

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