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Pagespeed Analysis Tool

FREE Pagespeed Analysis Tool

Use this tool to see how long it takes for your site to fully load. Sites that load fast have a much higher chance of ranking higher in Google. Enter a URL below to get a detailed report on your websites pagespeed.

Google measures a massive number of metrics on every internet web page, all of which affect your page's ranking. One of the more important metrics, especially for ranking on Google's all-important page 1, is its loading speed. Let's face it, in today's full-speed-ahead world; searchers aren't stopping to smell the roses. They want their free information, and they wanted it 10 minutes ago!

If your page is slower than molasses in January, its Google ranking will take a dive and take your well-planned content down with it! That includes your blog, website, and landing page (or all of the above). In fact, if your web pages load too slowly, they'll never get ranked high enough to hit Google's top spot, the holy grail of content marketing and SEO.

To the rescue comes the Pagespeed Checker, a free tool that scans your URL and, in an instant, gives your page a Speed Score from 1 to 100. The lower the score, the lower your page's loading speed, and vice versa. If your page is loading slowly, you'll know instantly, giving you valuable information you can use to implement changes and get your loading speed up to speed.

To use the Pagespeed Checker, simply type your URL (or copy and paste) into the tool's info box. Next, hit "View Page Report," and, in moments, you'll have your page's loading speed. There's no better, faster, and more reliable way to know if your web pages are loading quickly or not! More importantly, you'll be aware of the problem and be empowered to take steps to correct it.

Don't let slow loading speeds keep your pages out of Google's limelight. Use the free Pagespeed Checker and ensure they're loading as fast as possible. It's a fantastic tool to boost your content marketing results and Google rank simultaneously!

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