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Website Word Counter Tool

FREE Website Word Counter Tool

Use this tool to check the exact number of words that are on a webpage. Enter a URL below and get the total word count for that page instantly. This tool helps ensure that the content length aligns with your SEO goals.

Whenever you publish new content online, on your website, landing page, blog, or other pages, the word count is one of the first parameters Google checks. Too few words, or too many, can affect your Google ranking and your content marketing results. Knowing how many words are on each of your web pages is essential if you want them to one day make it to page 1.

Now, sure, if you have amazing content everyone wants and will fight to get, you can use any word count you like. To get to that point, however, your content should be at least 1000 words and no more than 2000. It's difficult to say exactly because Google changes its parameters often, but between 1000 and 2000 words seems to be their sweet spot.

However, the problem for many business owners, entrepreneurs, and online marketers is that there's no easy way to check the word count on a web page, at least not easily and quickly. Enter the Website Word Counter, a free tool that lets you instantly check any web page's word count.

Using the Website Word Counter couldn't be easier. Simply cut and paste the URL for the web page you want the checker to count and click "View Word Count." That's it! In a few seconds, the Website Word Counter will display the exact word count on your page, and you'll know if you're within Google's parameters, need to increase your word count, or, possibly, decrease it.

Knowing a page's word count is a top strategy to ensure your content gets ranked on page 1 of Google, where all your SEO efforts will pay off handsomely. Get the numbers you need to know the fast, easy and free way with the Website Word Counter!

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