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5 Major Benefits of Hiring a Content Creator for Your Website

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Many business owners wonder if it’s worth bringing on a content creator.

In this roundup, you’ll learn why hiring a pro for content creation is an amazing investment. From saving time to achieving higher rankings, you’ll love all the benefits.

Here’s what you get when hiring content pros:

Save Time, Money, and Resources

Content creation services overcome three monumental challenges:

  • Time — Let the experienced person handle the content while you do the business tasks
  • Money — Agree to fair rates versus the slog and cost of hiring and managing someone in-house
  • Resources — Tap into the creator’s pool of tools instead of having to buy new ones

There’s a concept of “time, money, resources… pick two” when it comes to getting things done. It means you can’t do it all. You tend to sacrifice at least one for the other two.

When you DIY the content:

You sink time and money into overcoming a learning curve. More money gets spent on tools and chasing ‘shiny objects’. The output is less-than-stellar and usually results in unneeded work stress. All this is happening while other opportunities get ignored.

When you hire a content pro:

Freelance content creators are self-sufficient and (mostly) hands-off. Their talent lets you and the team focus on what they do best while the creator does what they do best. The result is a cost-effective output with a high return on value.

When you balance the two:

Mixing DIY with professional content is ideal when getting started. You get to create content around things you know while the pro tackles the harder topics. They then mesh and deliver great information to the brand’s audience.

All of this solves the time, money, resources conundrum, too!

A La Carte Options, Built to Scale

There are so many amazing things to explore through content creation:

  • Blog posts
  • Press releases
  • Infographics
  • eBooks
  • Video
  • Podcasts
  • Checklists
  • Case studies

…and so many other types of content formats and opportunities.

The best part of hiring a content pro is your a la carte opportunities. You only pay for what you need while having all these options. Your business gets to scale its content strategy when it makes sense.

The a la carte opportunities lets operations stay lean. You get all the benefits without being locked into a contract.

You also get to make data-driven decisions:

  1. Dig up data to see what’s working (and what’s not)
  2. Hire professionals to double-down on what’s showing a return
  3. Repeat the process, continually creating value

You can start and stop whenever need. You can go all-out and leapfrog over the competition if desired. That’s the beauty of outsourcing content creation. 

Tap Into Diverse Talent

What if your business operates out of a small, rural town? The talent pool is quite limited. Even in big cities, you could find it difficult to source talent because the competition gobbles them up!

The Web closes the talent gap. You’re no longer bound by who’s available locally.

The talented (online) individuals brought on to do content have:

  • Diverse skill sets and industry knowledge
  • Personal experiences and insights
  • Cultural influences, visions, and ideals

These qualities shine in the content created by the creators. Boring web copy gets supercharged because it’s not coming from the business. The content doesn’t read like a sales pitch. This uniqueness resonates with those engaged with it. You’re speaking to your audience through words, tone, and style they want to hear — instead of corporate speak.

What else do you get when hiring a pro? Consider:

  • Knowledge of tools and resources
  • Consulting and guidance
  • Different languages (for translations)

You’re not just hiring someone to create content. You’re bringing on someone who could lead a team. Plus, you’re no longer limited to a limited talent pool bound by who’s available in your area!

Output That’s Optimized for Search and Social

Effective content is:

  • Optimized for search so it attracts organic traffic
  • Tweaked to resonate with social media users to spark engagement

A content creator that’s been around will know how to do these things. They’ll have experience through prior clients, letting them craft content that works. Likewise, they’ll have knowledge from their trade so their work reflects best practices.

A good creator will know the basics of:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Keyword and topic research
  • User experience and design
  • Social media marketing

You can’t expect creators to know everything but good ones tend to use these to do what they do. In a way, you’re bringing on a digital marketer when hiring a content creator that knows their stuff. Empower them and those talents will pour into not just the work but a lot of interactions and touchpoints had with the creator.

Why does this matter? Well:

  • More organic search impressions and leads
  • More social media shares and engagement
  • More brand awareness and potential connections

Remember that good content is only (really) good if it gets found. Think of the content as a product in which you’d want to promote and support it. The efforts result in a higher return on investment!

Join in on a Powerful Business Network

You’re not the only one building a professional network in business.

A content creator has (usually) mingled with:

  • Business owners
  • Web developers and designers
  • Audio/visual professionals
  • Marketers and advertisers

Content fuels so much of the Web and so creators get around. Someone that’s been in the industry long enough will have a huge professional network. Hiring a creator introduces you to this network (given a solid relationship gets built).

Now, everything starts building off another — you’re tapping into a massive digital workforce!

Who knows? Maybe the content creator could turn into your marketing lead one day!

Hire an Amazing Content Creator at iWriter

So there you go, the benefits of hiring a content creator.

There’s so much value when you bring on a professional creator to your business. Their work could truly transform the very essence of your operations. All that’s needed from you is to take the leap into hiring a pro.

iWriter makes it easy to connect with talented creators.

Sign up for free and get started today!

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