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7 Amazing Things a Content Service Provider Can Do For You

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Content is still king. Quality articles and blogs are an effective way to build your brand, and are also cost-effective. However, you don’t need to be a king at writing to tap into the power of content marketing. 

While you’re likely focused on building your customer base and deciding on the next product launch, you might not have time to put the effort into developing content. It takes focused research and a strategy that fits your brand. That’s where a content service comes into the picture. 

From becoming an authority an a topic to boosting your SEO, here are the top benefits of hiring an expert to handle your content writing. 

1. Build a Brand Voice

Your company’s products are directed at a target market. Therefore, whether you’re marketing to teens or seniors, you should adjust the tone and the content of your posts to reflect their interests. 

When you create a brand voice, your customers can more easily relate to you and identify you. Because of this, you’re more likely to earn their trust and loyalty. 

The voice of your blog and article content can match up with other advertising you’ve done to make it seamless. When you’re using a content service, you can use writers that understand your brand voice and can help to build on it. 

2. Tell Your Stories

Aside from using consistent language across the board, you can also use blogging and article writing to tell your company story. That could mean creating posts that talk about the origin of the company, its values, and how it will make lives better for your customers. 

Telling your brand story can be an effective way to connect with your audience. By talking to your audience in an authentic way about the social causes you support, for example, you can show them your true personality. A brand story is not necessarily a marketing component, but a way to tell your audience where you’ve been and where you plan to go. 

Think about some of the biggest brands out there such as Apple, and then consider how much you know about how they came to be. That’s because they have effective brand stories that almost everyone is familiar with. 

3. Become an Authority

There are many companies that likely sell the same products or services as you do. So how do you rise above them? One way is to use content writing to share your knowledge and experience of the industry. 

With the right content writing, you can become a source that people go to when they want to learn about a particular topic. And since your blog will likely be linked to your website, you may experience a bump in traffic. 

However, you won’t become an authority overnight. It means ordering content for the long-term strategy. It also means making sure you include information or insights that others in your industry don’t. Some content creators can produce posts that are 5,000 words or more, meaning you can pack in a lot of useful information. 

4. Boost Your SEO

Your search engine ranking is very important. Basically, it’s where you show up in a search when someone types in a related product or service you offer. 

There are a number of ways to increase your search engine optimization (SEO), and quality content creation is one of them. By focusing on specific topics and keywords, as well as linking to authority sites, your business name is more likely to show up higher in searches without relying on paid search engine marketing (SEM).  

5. Syndicate Your Content

You’ve partnered with a content service to create some informative posts. Now what? You can promote them on social media or rely on the quality of the content to attract readers, which can both work to a certain extend. 

However, if you really want to take your audience to the next level, syndication is a solution. Some content service providers offer this as a way to get your content onto authority sites that already have high traffic. This creates quality backlinks to your site, which can also help improve your search rankings.

When you have major news sites picking up your content, you can let your audience know about it to boost your profile. It’s also a lot more time effective to let a content service arrange for syndication of your content, rather than approaching publishers of individual websites hoping for a mention. 

6. Save Time

As mentioned, you probably don’t have the time to sit down and write a quality 1,000 or more word blog post with your other responsibilities. However, hiring a content service means you can have custom content in a matter of hours or less in some cases. 

This can be particularly helpful if there’s a new industry development you want to post about, or if you want to create a press release about a product launch or another company initiative. With a content service provider, a team will ceate the content based on your needs and you’ll have a chance to review it before it goes live. 

7. Create Buzz

When people recognize you as a source they can rely on for quality and fresh content, they’re more likely to share the content across their own platforms if the post is engaging. That means your content is being shared—for free—with potentially hundreds or thousands of people on social media who are also potential customers. 

A content provider can use specific language to engage the target readers in the topic, using the latest trendy buzzwords and accepted industry terms, and add a call to action to share it. 

A Content Service Can Write For Your Needs

Using a content service is not only a way to save time for blog writing. It is also a way to boost your authority on a topic, while also creating a unique voice for your brand. 

Quality content posted regularly can also help improve your search rankings, as well as help to create buzz about your products and services. 

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of hiring a content service provider.  

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