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7 Reasons Why You Need to Hire Freelance Writers

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According to the Writing Cooperative, you have 10-20 seconds to grab a reader’s attention before they decide on whether to engage with your article or move on. So, needless to say, if you are starting a new brand or trying to increase your traffic, good writing is going to be key to bringing in the right audience to the website. That’s where a freelance writer comes into play.

If you want to strengthen your content, you have to have someone that knows how to write. Someone that can turn a boring piece into something fun and engaging.

Let’s take a look at the top reasons you need to hire a freelancer!

1. More Knowlege and Experience

Hiring a freelance writer for your blog posts is a great way to bring in diverse knowledge and experience. Most freelancers have worked with a wide range of clients and niches. Many of them have also previously worked with agencies in the past as well. This gives them a competitive edge and a ton of experience. 

This also means that they are likely to have some sort of background in your niche or industry already. They are going to have the knowledge that will allow them to communicate effectively towards your audience and niche, making them better content creators!

2. You Won’t Have To Hire an in House Team

If you have a freelancer writing for your website, you won’t have to worry about having to deal with an in house team of writers. There won’t be any disgruntled employees or litigations to worry about. With freelancers, you have much more freedom. You can choose to hire one temporarily, for just one project, or long term. This makes things much more flexible and less stressful. 

This is especially beneficial if you are a small business. This also means if they didn’t do the job to your liking, you don’t have to pay them or they will need to revise it till it’s perfect (This should be in a contract with your freelancer).

3. Too Close To Your Own Business

Wait, what? If you’re running your own business, then you are most likely an expert in that niche, but you have to remember that some of your customers may not be. Sometimes it may be hard for an expert to dumb things down for a newbie. People are much more likely to skim read through your work, then read it in depth.

A freelancer is going to know how to communicate effectively towards your niche audience. If they don’t understand your content because of skim reading through it, then they may end up going to a competitor that explained it easier. 

4. Avoid Journalist Mills

Many times, agencies will be charging top dollar for content and paying their writers very little. These agencies are hiring new writers that can’t make it as freelancers because they have no experience. They are most concerned about quantity over quality. The agencies aren’t concerned about valuable content for your audience. They are just pushing out the content as fast as they can. 

Freelancer writers are creating content for a living and most of the time a passion. They care about their work and know that they have to deliver quality work in order to be paid. 

5. Saves You Time and Money

Finding employees can not only be a hassle but also expensive. Posting jobs on employment boards and career websites is going to consume a ton of your time. You’ll also have to screen through each applicant. If you find one that suits your requirements, you will then need to pay for their training and benefits.

Freelancers are much easier to find and don’t require training or benefits! Forget about hiring on full-time writers when you can hire a freelancer when you need content created. 

6. More Than Just A Writer

Many freelance writers have experience and skills in more than just writing for a newspaper or website. Their skills can go way beyond just reporting. You can find that many have worked in online marketing and SEO. Freelancers are always looking to stay up to date with the latest trends and skills required for the work that they do. 

You’ll find that some of them will even work on these skill sets in their free time so that they can continue to improve daily. You should also keep in mind that if a freelancer has a skill set that you may not need at the moment, it may become beneficial for your business later down the road. You may need a content writer now, but next month you may need an infographic or SEO website audit. 

7. Better Communication and Quick Turn around

When your content is going through an agency, it’s going to go through multiple hands and steps in their process. This is going to take much longer than through a freelance writer. With a freelancer, you have one person to work with and they are going to make sure it is done much faster, even if they have multiple clients. 

The same works with communication. When you are working with an agency, for one, you most likely won’t ever be in direct contact with the writer. You’ll have to deal with their customer care and hope that your message is passed on to the writer. With freelancers, you have a direct line of contact with the exact person creating your content for you. This is especially great if you have a detail you forgot to pass on during the project. 

Hiring Freelance Writers

When it comes down to hiring an agency, doing it yourself, or hiring a freelance writer, it just makes more sense to hire a freelancer. By investing in quality content, better communication, and more value, this is the best way to get your projects done and bring in more business. As a business owner, entrepreneur, or professional, you want the best content for the best price, and freelancers are the ones to do it. 

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