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8 Reasons Why You Need a Content Manager

content manager

Content manager sounds like one of those modern titles no one understands. In today’s market though, this position has become extremely valuable. If you’re running an online business that shares information of any kind, you need to have a content expert working for you.

Why is it important to find an experienced, competent individual who is familiar with your field? Their knowledge of how to run things behind the scenes can make or break your online success. Read on to learn more!

Manage the Quality of the Content

Writing an article requires skill, focus and an understanding of what the bottom line goal is. Every word, every sentence, and even the tone works together to create a picture of who your company is.

Hire someone to throw a few, low-quality words on the page, and this is the impression readers will have of your business. However, hire someone who carefully monitors the quality of the produced articles and your readers and site visitors will see the difference.

This is why you need someone in charge who understands your field. They need the knowledge to read through an article and make sure it meets all the basic benchmarks. Once they start improving the material already on your site, an increase in new site visits is much more likely. Readers will connect with the information and share it more often with groups and friends.

The content management position is a safeguard against low-quality content. It’s their job to protect your online company and always present the best side of the right information.

Effective Timeline for Content Production

What your company shares online is as important as how often you share. If you want to stay relevant in the search engines, then you need to publish on a consistent basis.

Readers who subscribe to your site want to see regular updates. It’s up to you whether that is weekly, biweekly or even monthly. As long as they learn when to expect new material, they will return to your site and learn from what you’re sharing.

On the flip side, if you fail to stay on track with your schedule, your search results will be more sporadic. You may or may not come up when an online reader searches for various terms. There is enough competition out there fighting for attention. You don’t want to take yourself out of the running by not posting.

There are plenty of online writers who are willing to help with this task. Explain your goals and let them assist by creating a piece of quality content. In turn, that content informs your readers and motivates them to return.

Stay Current with the Trends

The Internet is a fickle audience and gets distracted easily. Your business has a core message that it focuses on, but there can be variations of this based on the trending topics.

A knowledgeable content expert understands how to meld these trends with the message you want to share. Their writing skills and those of your team combine to create content that offers new perspectives and keeps readers interested. Help like this is helpful because as the company owner, you’re only one person. You need multiple points of view to make compelling content.

You need the fresh eyes of an expert so they can present more angles to consider. Sometimes, the focus will be on the old school way of doing things. Other times, the modern approach will be the best way to move forward.

Hire someone to keep up with what is trending. Your readers will then see your company as one that is progressive and competitive.

What are Your Competitors Sharing?

The posts of your competitors are not your sole source of information for where the trends are or what readers are looking for. But, they are excellent for helping you understand what you’re up against.

Every business tries to align their message with topics they view as front-and-center for their target market. View the sites of your competitors to get a feel for the direction they’re heading. Arm your information manager with this material to fine tune your efforts and present a different perspective.

Research like this is part of a content manager’s position since they use this type of data every day. As they track the competition, their finger will be on the pulse of what is happening in the digital world. This is information that other businesses have to pay for, especially if they don’t have an expert like this on their team.

Share your goals with your content professional. Their efforts will be more productive and they will stay aware of what online competitors are doing.

Feedback from Your Audience

You can produce the greatest content ever, but if readers aren’t interacting with it, it’s not effective. Ask your site visitors what they think using surveys and short questionnaires. Your manager should send them out along with welcome emails to new subscribers.

Get their opinions about the articles, the length of the posts, and the frequency of posting new material. This is data other companies need to mine if they can’t get it directly from their readers. Hire someone who understands the value of this information, and they will make obtaining it a priority.

As they gather this information together each week or month, a trend will start to reveal itself for your company. You can only grow and become more successful if you understand what created your current circumstances. Learn from the target audience you’re trying to reach. This is the most helpful feedback your content professional can get their hands on.

Manage the Back Office of Your Site

Speaking to readers directly is great. Even so, you need to review the data from the back end of your online site. Here is where statistics get stored about which posts get the most attention. It also reveals how long people stay on the page and how often they share that content.

Information like this helps your manager identify the most productive pieces and create more like them. Once a trend emerges that shows what visitors are looking for, they can lead the team of writers to write similar posts. Other available data in your back office includes what time of day people visit your page and whether they visit the same posts more than once.

These statistics help content professionals produce what readers are looking for. They make your online investment much more profitable. Get a report each month from the manager and let them explain what is happening and why. Then, compare notes on how to make it even better.

Guide the Content Team

A content manager’s job is to inspire a creative atmosphere that lines up with the company goals. An individual who does this has a more productive team and a motivated group of individuals working for them. If you hire someone who understands this, they are going to work towards your company’s success all the time.

Shows writers how to understand what the content pieces should focus on. Explain what the parameters are, and then allow them to share using their own passion. By doing this, you gain access to their love of writing, which translates into great articles and advertises passion for your business.

A writer who feels passionate about their topic is going to share that enthusiasm in the tone of their post. Give writers creative license to explore how to share information about your business. However, guide them on principles and the main message you’d like to share.

Manage the Digital Face of the Business

The face of your website and blog are like the first impression someone has when they initially visit your brick and mortar location. Interactions they have with various posts, the messages they receive from customer service representatives, even the design of the page—all this determines how they feel about your company.

Hire someone who knows how this works because they determine why someone stays or goes after they see your business page. If you start to see a lot of quick visits and exits of your company site, something is not working right. Inversely, if they stick around longer and read through full posts while exploring other pages, you’re on the right track.

Think of your site as a digital employee welcoming them with a smile and an offer to help. Your posts convey this same message, and the right manager makes this happen.

It’s not guesswork. It’s a timely skill due to working on different projects and learning what works versus what doesn’t.

Find Your Content Manager Expert

Ensure the future success of the online business you’ve built and find a content manager who has the above qualities. Their position is pivotal not only for your company but for the team they work with. The right person can bring everyone’s ideas together and make them feel valued.

The wrong person can divide, conquer and ruin whatever progress you’ve made so far. Find writers who are willing to work for your goals. Let them share their skills and see how far it moves you forward with online success!

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