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8 Types of Content That Every Website Should Have

types of content

The internet has exploded in popularly in the last decade.

Looking at that explosion in numbers, you have over 4 billion people online. Catering to those 4 billion people are almost 2 billion websites.

That’s about 2 people for every site.

Given that level of competition, it’s important that your website cooks up smart content marketing strategies to dominate search engine results and start funneling tons of qualified leads into your site.

Contrary to what many think, successful content marketing is more complicated than starting a blog and publishing some writing you find interesting.

The specific types of content you’re investing your content marketing time in matters. To that end, here are 8 types of content that are well worth your focus.

1. How-To Guides

The majority of Google searchers are using the engine to answer a question they have. Many of those questions can be answered elegantly via concise “how-to” articles.

For that reason, we recommend that you start thinking about your organization’s target customer and what their biggest questions are. Once you have an idea of what they’d like to know, write visual and concise how-to posts addressing their concerns.

2. Video Blogs

Written information is a great way to engage with your audience, as it allows them a bandwidth-friendly means of consuming information from just about anywhere they have an internet connection. Still, there’s no denying the growing popularity of video.

Sites like YouTube have billions of hours of their content being consumed on a daily basis. As a business trying to market their brand, numbers like that can’t be ignored.

To get in on the content trend, take your written blog posts and recycle them into video content that communicates the same information. This will allow you to engage with audiences across two mediums with a single message.

3. Long-Form Content

People trying to make waves with blogging often try to take shortcuts. One of the most popular shortcuts is writing very short blog posts with very little substance.

These posts are rarely ranked high by search engines and will do nothing to establish your credibility with readers.

If you’re really looking to establish yourself as a reliable source of information within your niche, don’t shy away from publishing long-form content. Long form content is typically 2000+ word posts that are highly detailed, engaging, and gives users everything they need to know to solve a problem.

Long-form content is extremely valuable when done correctly and is excellent at helping establish rapport between you and your customers.

4. Listicles

While long-form content is great, let’s not dismiss the value of quick and easy reading experiences. List articles (or listicles) are among the most popular types of content you can publish, especially if your business’ demo skews young.

Examples of listicle articles include, “21 Incredible Ways to Prepare a Turkey”, “13 Fast-Food Secrets You Won’t be Able to Forget”, etc.

5. Product Reviews

People love to buy things. Understanding what your business’ audience loves to buy can create a tremendous opportunity for you.

It can help you decide what you should sell. It can aid in improving your current product roster. It can even just allow you to discover new ways you can engage with your customers.

Expanding on engagement, if you know products your customers are interested in, you can create detailed written or video reviews of those products and publish them online. Product reviews get billions of views on YouTube and countless more via various blogs.

Because of that, you can create excellent content that will draw customers to your website.

6. Infographics

If you want to diversify your types of content with something that’s visual yet extremely informational, we recommend learning how to create infographics.

Custom infographics give your audience concise data in an easy to consume format. Better yet, infographics are frequently shared and are easy to create with free tools online like Canva.

7. Topical News

Most successful content strategy plans are laid out months in advance so you can publish material on a consistent basis. Still, there should always be wiggle room in your schedule to be topical and address news that’s relevant to your business.

For example, if you write about the film industry and an acclaimed director passed away, you’ll want to create content around their passing knowing that thousands of people will be looking for more information around that occurrence.

While chasing trends isn’t what you want to build your marketing plan around, having breaking news among your types of content is always a smart idea.

8. Podcasts

Americans spend an average of 1 hour commuting to and from work 5 days a week. Given that these drivers need to concentrate on the road, commuters are typically unavailable to consume your content.

That is unless you’re including podcasts among your website’s types of content.

Podcasts are a great way to capture that captive audience of drivers. If your podcast is entertaining, you could become thousands of people’s go-to morning and afternoon listening habit which can provide substantial marketing opportunities to you!

Wrapping Up 8 Types of Content Every Website Should Have

Content marketing is so much deeper than throwing text up on a blog. It’s taking a systematic approach to publishing various types of content that are relevant to your customer avatar to maximize engagement and consistently drive sales.

To get started taking your content marketing strategy to the next level, consider investing your time in publishing some of the content we’ve listed above.

For help doing exactly that, let our team help.

At iWriter, our team of professional content creators crafts high-quality written material across a variety of niches for businesses all over the world. Learn more about the value our flexible team of writers can bring to your organization and register with us today!

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