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A Freelancer’s Guide on How to Write a Product Review

how to write a product review

The modern freelance writer has more power than they think. 91% of young consumers trust online reviews. If you’re looking for a writing niche, product reviews are one of the best first places to start!

Professional and unbiased product reviews help customers make the best buying decisions. In order to write reviews that generate results, your reviews have to be compelling. Your audience has to trust your word and you’ll have to become a well-known source in your niche.

Does this sound difficult? We can help! If you want to know how to write a product review, follow this easy guide.

Become an Affiliate (If Possible)

The best first step to review writing is to become an affiliate with a company. This way, you not only receive free products but you get paid for your efforts!

The brand will create a discount code for you to feature on your blog and social media pages. Make sure you promote this code — it’s how you get paid! You’ll receive a percentage of each sale where your coupon is used.

Do you have to be an affiliate to write product reviews? Not at all — you can review just about anything on the market.

While you may have to pay for products at first, you can always reach out to brands and see if you can get products for free. If you’re reviewing software, you should take advantage of free trials.

Learn About the Product

Before writing a product review, do some homework. Research as much as you can about the product. Read the copy on the website to understand how the product works and what it’s used for. This is crucial because you want your audience to see you as an expert in your niche.

See if other writers reviewed the product and what they said. If you can’t find anything, research customer testimonials.

It’s also helpful to research the brand as a whole. Are they a new startup or a well-known company? Are their products generally effective or not? Who are their competitions? You’ll also want to find general brand reviews from other writers or customers to see what others have been saying.

Describe the Product

Educating readers is as important as stating your opinion. Include enough information about the product so the readers know all about the product before purchasing it.

Here’s some information you can include in your review:

  • Practical details such as the size, price, and other core information such as the shelf life
  • What the product or service does (be specific)
  • Target demographic
  • Benefits and disadvantages of using the product

While this information may seem basic, you don’t want to ignore these crucial details.

Be Honest

One of the biggest myths about being a product review writer, especially for affiliates, is you only need to say positive things. On the other end of the spectrum, many believe that product reviews need to only be negative.

Both are wrong — honesty is key. If you love a product and want to hype it, go ahead. If you hate a product and want to see some improvements, state that in your review. For every product review, ask yourself if you would recommend this to a family member or a friend.

Transparency is important. Be sure to include certain aspects such as the product features, price, the target audience, how the competition compares, and more. Review each individual aspect. This will give your readers a well-rounded view of the product so they can make an accurate buying decision.

Include a Clear Buying Decision

Don’t leave your audience hanging. Should they buy the product or not? Ultimately, that’s what your audience truly wants to know.

The key when knowing how to write a good product review is including a clear buying decision. How you write your buying decision depends on your writing style.

You can write your buying decision in the last section of the article (the conclusion). Or, you can weigh out the pros and cons of each product feature. You can also format your article to include a little bit of both.

In addition, you’ll want to include a star rating. If the reader didn’t read the whole article, a star rating will give them enough of a view of your recommendation.

Mention Competitors

Give your readers a few options. Unless you’re an affiliate with a brand, you’ll want to mention competitors and similar brands.

Try to mix up your content with different types of reviews. For example, instead of reviewing one product, you can do a “this vs. that” review and compare two similar products from competitors.

You can also write separate in-depth reviews of similar products and link to them in each review (which is a great way to boost your SEO rankings).

Don’t want to go in-depth into different products? You don’t have to. Include a section titled “Similar Products” with a brief description of how they compare to the product you’re reviewing.

Optimize Your Reviews for SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) uses different tactics to rank higher in search engine results. Your readers are likely searching for specific product reviews, so make sure to use SEO techniques in all of your reviews.

Optimizing your reviews for SEO isn’t difficult. You already got step one down: write high-quality content!

But there are other tactics you should use. This includes using great keywords with high search volume and low competition.

Make sure you include the keyword in the content body as well as the title, meta description, and at least one header. Internal linking to your website and external linking to other pages is also essential.

Other SEO tactics will get you rankings without any effort! For example, if you become a leader in your niche, other blogs will link to your page. This enhances your domain authority, making you appear higher on search engine results.

How to Write a Product Review: Start Testing Out Products!

Now that you know how to write a product review, you can get to blogging away! The only downside is you may not get paid for your efforts immediately. Want to make some extra income with your writing? We’re always looking for writers to join our team!

Apply to become a writer today!

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