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Everything You Need to Know About Content Syndication

content syndication

Did you know that 57% of B2B marketers are struggling to engage target prospects? Content is a powerful marketing tool. However, to generate more leads and attract traffic, marketers need to do more than just use it.

Marketers spend several hours or even days creating quality content. It can be discouraging if no one reads the content after all that effort.

Since the main aim of creating content is to provide value to the target audience, it is crucial to use the write strategies to ensure that your audience interacts with your content. Here is where content syndication comes in.

What is Content Syndication?

Content syndication is republishing and repurposing content with a third-party website. This strategy exposes a brand to a broader audience while also promoting the third-party website.

With this strategy, the third-party website can get away not creating content and still attract web traffic. Content syndication is not a new concept. At least 30% of digital marketers use this tactic to successfully generate leads.

Before the digital age, traditional advertising channels syndicated content from smaller publications. This way, smaller players got to reach a wider audience and larger publications got more content.

Note that the resurgence of old-fashioned syndication doesn’t come as a surprise. Several publishers still want to expose their brand to new audiences.

The traditional ways of syndication can help reach all audiences including the silent generation and some baby boomers who may not be tech-friendly.

Since not all websites utilize syndication, it is crucial that you search for the right website that will add value to your content.

Websites such as iWriter that focus on content marketing can assure publication on more than 400 major news media sites in the U.S. Using iWriter can give you more than 400 backlinks from sites like ABC, NBC, FOX, and other authoritative websites.

How is Content Syndication Done?

Several options are available on how to syndicate content. First, you can choose to republish the whole content piece on a third-party website.

The second option is to edit and create a shorter version of the original content. It is crucial to note that some third-party syndicators only post an excerpt of the original piece.

The way you choose to approach this tactic will also depend on your goal. For example, if your goal is to increase brand awareness, syndicating on trusted publications like iWriter can guarantee you that.

Alternatively, if your goal is to reach a particular audience, syndicate the content to smaller focused publications. Remember to always plan for syndication.

To do this, start by creating link-worthy content, then reach out to the right syndication platform.

Syndication, Guest Links, and Plagiarism

There is a thin line between content syndication, guest posting, and plagiarism. Guest posting involves publishing original content on a third-party website.

Guest posts or content cannot be republished anywhere else.
On the other hand, content syndication allows you to republish the content on several blogs and syndication platforms.

Lastly, plagiarism refers to the republication of original content without giving credit to the author. To avoid plagiarism, content syndication platforms give credit to the original publisher.

Benefits of Content Syndication

Syndication focuses on highlighting your content marketing strategies. It is a cost-effective approach that will propel your content to a larger audience. Your brand can benefit from both free and paid content syndication.

Here are several proven ways your brand can benefit from syndication.

Builds Brand Awareness

Because content syndication puts your content in front of your target audience, they will be more aware of your brand. Using platforms with higher social media and internet presence exposes your brand to thousands of people.

Every marketer aims at making a brand popular. This is because increased brand awareness also increases word-of-mouth referrals and sales. iWriter partners with various platforms with international audiences.

Therefore, syndicating with them can help your access the global market.

Generate Leads

Syndication makes your original content do more for your brand. As you work with other websites, you will earn valuable links. This brings back traffic to the original piece on your website.

The more backlinks your post gets, the higher its SEO ranking. In the end, your website will appear more frequently on SERPs, leading to increased organic traffic.

Both the third-party website and the content creator will enjoy increased leads. This also builds brand visibility, trust, and interest. Remember, to get the best from this strategy, always create and post unique and quality posts.

Improves Domain Authority

Publishing with authoritative sites builds your websites’ credibility. Since third parties have a strong brand reputation and are trusted, they will create a strong position for you in your industry.

When you work with trusted publishers, their audiences can easily trust your brand. This will increase your conversion rates.

Trust in the online world is critical. Customers can easily buy from a trusted brand with good reviews. If you are considering syndication, try to work with the right third party.

Syndication is Cost-Effective

Marketers have the option of either using free or paid content syndication. Both options give you a cost-effective marketing approach. Several third parties charge between $20 and $80 per publication.

iWriter charges $49 and you get brand awareness on an international scale. Your brand will go to the next level within a shorter time.

The value of publishing with a third party lasts for a very long time. The money you pay per distribution will give you exposure and lead generation for years.

The longevity of this marketing strategy makes it both cost-effective and reliable. Note that, you don’t need to be an expert in content or syndication to enjoy the benefits it offers.

Partner with the right content writing experts for quality marketing content.

Build Your Brand with Content Syndication

Content syndication is every marketer’s dream. It creates leads and promotes brand awareness while saving you money. With a solid plan, you will achieve maximum syndication effect.

Remember, your online words are your envoys. They tell the world who you are. Therefore, syndicate content on the right website and in the right way.

For unique content under all subjects, syndication, and any other content marketing services, get in touch with iWriter today.

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